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Here we tell you which are the best email apps for iOS:


The desktop email of choice for many people, Gmail is also available on iOS and is a fantastic choice if you’re tied to other Google services. Gmail supports multiple accounts, so you can add any other email account you have. As you might expect, this one ties in perfectly with any other Google product as well. You can manage calendar invitations from the apps directly access invitations to edit a document directly within Google Docs. When you attach a file to your email, it will also seamlessly integrate into Google Drive, so you can share it via the cloud. You can quickly switch to archive or delete if you want to keep an orderly inbox and it also supports email threads, keeping your emails in a messenger style interface.



Although the name of Microsoft often does not inspire much confidence in mobile circles, Outlook is an exceptional email app for iOS. The main selling point of the app is probably the Focused Inbox. This smart inbox prioritizes the emails that it thinks are most important to you and includes emails from contacts you interact with the most. To see the rest of your emails, simply touch the tab Others to take a look at everything else. The app can also schedule, delete and archive emails, as well as sync with other services, from Dropbox to other Microsoft features. It even has its own calendar service that syncs with your other calendars.


Edison Mail

According to Edison Mail, 72 percent of Americans are overwhelmed by the amount of emails they receive. The service reduces the amount of email “noise” you have to deal with. It has done this by including a blocking feature, similar to the contact blocking options you use for calls and messages. Separate from Reporting as Spam, the blocking feature only prevents you from seeing emails from senders you don’t want to see. The app adds this function for certain senders, it is compatible with Touch ID and Face ID, it even presents tracking alerts and with all this you have a feature-rich email app with many capabilities.



Airmail is an extensive email app with many functions. Gather all your email apps under one banner, making them easier to manage in a unified view. But it’s all you can do from there that caught our attention. You can send emails to your calendar as events or activities to do, schedule certain emails until later, view your emails with Touch ID, undo shipments and many more functions. It is definitely an amazing set of features and it comes with an experience that is also accessible from a PC. Unfortunately, the app charges a monthly fee of $ 3 (or $ 10 if you pay per year), which makes it a difficult product to sell in a market full of great free apps.



Most of us live inside our messaging apps today, so traveling back in time to archaic-looking email apps can be chilling. If you felt alluded to then take a look at Spike’s email app. It is configured to present your emails as a messaging app, removing signatures, headers and threads in favor of an experience that is more aligned with WhatsApp than with Gmail. While this might not be the best experience if you receive a lot of emails from the same contacts, it is a good design if you frequently lose old contacts in favor of new messages. There is a priority inbox mode and this also syncs with your calendars.


Newton Mail

Newton is another email app that seeks to bring everything together in one place. It works with several other email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, and all IMAP accounts. It has many features that we all expect in an email app, including Snooze, Read Received, Send Later, and Connected Apps. This versatile application is also compatible with Apple Watch and is accompanied by the Newton Calendar app to further improve your productivity. Unfortunately, you will have to pay $ 50 a year (or $ 5 a month) to use it, but if you like the features it offers, it might be worth paying.



The main attraction of Boxer is its ability to deal with a series of emails in tandem using your own custom gestures. This app also works with various cloud apps, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and others. Much like Dropbox and Outlook, the design of the app is modern and uncluttered and this makes it very intuitive to work with. It is an ideal solution if you need to manage emails in each of your accounts individually, or in a combined inbox. It even has the ability to join you with a single touch on conference calls.



Here is another app that wants to take all your email accounts and organize them by categories within a unified and intelligent inbox. Honestly, this is something we’ve only dreamed of. Downloading Spark also gives you a lot of freedom. It allows you to create gestures by sliding your fingers, including gestures for multiple signatures. You can choose to create notifications only for the most important emails, a very useful tool on its own. But there is also a powerful search feature that helps you track down the correct email. The app also works with cloud services. You can attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive via the menu. It also offers support for apps like Readability, Pocket, Evernote, and OneNote. Like a chat app, Spark allows you to quickly reply to someone with a “Like” or “Thank you.” Plus, you can sync via your Apple Watch for maximum email organization literally anywhere.



Triage focuses on eliminating the complexity of using email on your cell phone. The first thing you need to know is that Triage is not a full-featured email app, but instead helps you sort through clutter and respond quickly to important messages.

When you sign in to your inbox, your new emails appear as a packet of letters. You can deal with them with just a few quick gestures – swipe up to archive a message or down to keep it in your inbox. If you want to quickly work with a particular email, you can also touch it to reply through the app. Tap is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud Mail, in addition to most other IMAP-compatible email services. Your download has a cost of $ 2 dollars.



The official Yahoo Mail app is no longer just for Yahoo users. Now, the app allows you to add your AOL, Gmail, and Outlook accounts, among others.

One of our favorite features of Yahoo email is that it includes 1,000GB of free storage. Even if emails flood your inbox every day, you can still keep many emails in your inbox, no need to make room for the next day.

If you receive a lot of emails with very large attachments, then the Yahoo! Email app is an option worth considering. The app connects with Dropbox and Google Drive to easily manage your attachments. You can also attach files directly from your cloud accounts without a ton of extra commands.

Yahoo mail can collect store coupons that arrive in your email to make your purchases more manageable. Additionally, there are many swipe functions you can choose from to customize your mailbox. It’s free to download and use, but Yahoo Mail Pro – which removes ads and includes priority customer support – costs $ 1 a month or $ 10 a year.

These email apps for iOS devices will filter all the emails that bombard your inbox every day, helping you stay organized and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the constant flow of incoming messages.

Now you have the power to permanently remove junk mail from your main inbox, so your most important messages are no longer hidden from view.


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