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Because it contained malware, Google decided to remove the popular The Great Suspender extension from the Chrome Web Store, which automatically closed unused browser tabs.

The company also decided to disable the extension remotely, in addition to displaying a warning explaining that it contained malware. In this way, all searches to The Great Suspender in the Chrome web store return a 404 page.

As early as 2020, concerns had arisen that the extension contained malicious code, after its original developer stopped updating it and sold it to another company.

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The move has left millions of users with lost tabs and multiple concerns about what to do to get them back.

For users who suffered the loss of some tabs, there is an alternative to recover them, although it could be complex for those who are less experienced in computing.

If the missing tabs were open, you can click on the URL and keep the text after the phrase “uri =”, which is where the web address is.

chrome-extension: //klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg/suspended.html#ttl=%22Un%22%20Video%20Example%20&pos=0&uri=

Another alternative is to go into Chrome’s history and search for the extension’s tabs by entering the following text string: klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg.

As in the previous example, the web address will appear at the end of the strings.

For those looking for an alternative to regulate the number of tabs they have open, some free options are Session Buddy Y OneTab; Partizion is paid.

Additionally, users have forked the latest version of The Great Suspender to create The Marvelous Suspender, available from the Chrome Web Store, but without malware.

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