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Today there is a wide range of applications that can help you control the digital activities of your children. One of our favorites is Qustodio, an intuitive and uncomplicated app that is accessible from your computer or your mobile device. Here we explain what Qustodio is and what it is useful for.

What is Qustodio?

We know that controlling your children can be challenging in today’s world. Even if you can keep up with their regular activities, following and regulating their digital habits is a totally different battle and the ubiquity of internet-connected smartphones doesn’t make it any easier.

However, the problems that technology causes, technology itself can solve. With a free trial available and pricing options around $ 5 per month, Qustodio is a great alternative for any concerned parent.


But what is Qustodio? In simple terms, it is software that allows you to monitor and restrict the digital activities of one or more devices. The app works on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chromebook, and Kindle platforms, making it compatible with multiple devices. Therefore, if your child has an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or a tablet, Qustodio can be a real life saver.

How does Qustodio work?

Like other popular parental control platforms like Apple Screen Time, Google Family Link Y YouTube Kids, Qustodio is a system that was developed thinking of both children and parents. Although it is always important to consider that healthy online habits begin with proper parenting, proper software is sometimes quite useful.

Despite its simplicity in handling, Qustodio offers a full range of monitoring capabilities. Parents can view their children’s internet usage, be it the sites they visit or their social media activities, call history, and text / SMS message logs.

The software also allows you to monitor the time they are exposed to the screen of their mobile phones, set limits, block access to certain applications and websites, or simply restrict the time spent on certain games or other online services.

Location tracking even shows you where a particular mobile device has been, and filtering technology automatically blocks inappropriate content to keep your home network clean and safe. With so many features, you can really take control of what your child can and cannot do with their smartphone.

Qustodio’s parental controls are easily customizable. This is an important aspect for families with children of different ages, as it allows parents to configure personalized control parameters: for example, an older child could be allowed to spend more time in front of a screen than his brother. minor, which could also be restricted from using social networks. This customization allows adults to keep a little control over teens, without completely invading their privacy.

How much does Qustodio cost?

Qustodio’s full suite of parental controls costs just $ 55 for an annual subscription (less than $ 5 a month), and the family plan covers up to five devices simultaneously, which means you can set up Qustodio monitoring on computers, iPads, devices. Android and other connected devices your family uses.

However, if you want to take a trial, you can access a free version that has more limited features and can only be run on one device. But if you already know what Qustodio is and really like the control and peace of mind that this system offers, you can easily upgrade to the $ 55 plan.

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