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Become the top scorer in football history, Cristiano Ronaldo is a magnet for fame and social media. This is known by the large advertising agencies and the novel artificial intelligence algorithms developed for marketing in the age of social networks.

Humanz IA, an Israeli company that develops artificial intelligence algorithms for the analysis of advertising campaigns, tested the validity of its technology by conducting a market study on soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo; the result is as striking as it is detailed: the Juventus star would be an extraordinary face to spearhead a handbag campaign in India.

The thesis is supported by an analysis of data carried out around the footballer’s presence on Instagram. Just over one in three Cristiano Ronaldo supporters are in India (37 percent), and after football, his main interests are in the categories of lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. In addition, it reveals that of this percentage, 69 percent of Portuguese followers are over 19 years of age, so they can hypothetically make purchases by themselves.

The company revealed this information as a sample of the usefulness of your tool, necessary in a time when advertising spending in influencers amounted to $ 10 billion. Its reliability lies not only in the detail of its reports, but also in its ability to detect inflated numbers in a piece of data called “Humanz impressions”, which it calculates by eliminating followers of suspicious behavior on Instagram.

Using these tools, which allow analysis of millions of data, could save brands that spend on online advertising the $ 1.3 billion that It is estimated that it was lost in junk investments in influencers with inflated numbers.

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