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Everwild will be the next title from Rare, the developer behind hits like Sea of ​​Thieves, Banjo-Kazooie or Viva Piñata. For now there are many details of the game that remain secret, although the study has been publishing good information about it since the new title was revealed, back in 2019.

Just a few trailers and comments from the developers were more than enough to get fans of Rare’s latest project excited and rumors quickly circulating around the web. From how it is played, its possible release date, and to the platforms it will be available on, this is all we know about Everwild.

Release date

Unfortunately – and despite the project’s expectations – Rare has not specified a release date yet. Some analysts say it could be launched this year, while others say it won’t be launched until – at least – 2022.

We’re not entirely sure when Rare will give us an official release date, but something is likely to be announced sometime this year. We already got to see a trailer for the game in 2019 and another in 2020, so it makes sense for Rare to continue that annual trend and let us take another look at Everwild in 2021 (hopefully with a release date included).

On which consoles will it be released Everwild?

It was long speculated that Everwild It would be an exclusive for Xbox One. However, things have changed a lot and although the game seems that it will remain exclusive to Xbox, it will be available only on the next generation consoles of the brand. As is often the case with most Xbox exclusives, you can also purchase Everwild for PC.

On the other hand, Microsoft acquired Rare in 2002, so it is highly unlikely that Everwild See the light outside of Xbox consoles. In this way, Everwild It would be limited to PC and Xbox Series X and Series S.

Trailers Everwild

Throughout these years we have been able to see several trailers of Everwild. The first it was during XO19. In that game trailer, we got a cinematic look at its animated world and its inhabitants.

Later in 2020, Rare released the trailer for Eternals showing a more cinematic gameplay and giving us a bit more insight into the game’s narrative.

Lastly, there’s the Eternals trailer with the director’s comments. This one offered us the same content as the previous trailer, but provided an in-depth analysis from executive producer Louise O’Connor and art director Ryan Stevenson. For most of the video the two argue about the art direction of the next title, but also share some interesting facts about how it will play. If you are curious to learn all you can about Everwild we recommend that you watch it.

How to play

Even though the game has been leaking since 2019, its gameplay is still an enigma. Even so, we already know that you will put yourself in the shoes of the Eternals, the cast of protagonists of Everwild. These share a special bond with the animals within their kingdom, though it is unclear how and when they will appear in the game.

The main argument of Everwild focuses on the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment. In all the trailers we have seen how the Eternals constantly work with other creatures. Whether you’re traversing the dangers of a steep mountain range or collecting, there is always a faithful animal by your side.

However, not all animals are helpful and kind, as we have seen the Eternals protecting a tree from a deadly plague of locusts and preparing to fight a giant lion-like beast. It is likely that Everwild present some kind of combat game, although for now it appears that Rare isn’t ready to reveal how that system will work.

At the moment no actual footage of the game has been shown, as the two trailers featured so far are cinematic in nature. While they may have been created with the game’s engine, there is no trace of a HUD, no inventory screen, or even a glimpse of its menu.

Even the official description of the game on the Xbox website is vague, saying only “unique and unforgettable experiences await you in a natural and magical world.” Apart from the little brush strokes that we have seen, Everwild it remains all mystery. Rare publishes frequent posts about Sea of ​​Thieves on Twitter, but is reluctant to mention anything about his next title. Also, now that no big video game events are expected in a while, we don’t know when we can have any more news about Everwild and its gameplay.

Multiplayer mode

Rare has also not revealed whether Everwild whether or not it will include a multiplayer mode. We can predict that it will have some cooperative mode (as four Eternals are shown playing simultaneously in the trailers) and, in addition, the intense relationship that is expected between animals and humans could be consummated with a good multiplayer experience.

Nothing official has been done, but it appears that multiplayer will be in the new Rare title, as the studio has extensive experience with cooperative titles such as Sea of ​​Thieves.

Downloadable content

At the moment no plans have been announced for there to be DLC for Everwild. However, it would be strange if some type of content of this type was not available post-launch. It is unknown if it will be paid, season expansions or even if there will be some kind of battle pass, but today it is difficult to find a long-awaited game that does not offer some type of extra content after its launch.


Given the Everwild You don’t have a confirmed launch price yet, your pre-orders are not active. The next Rare title will be included in Xbox Game Pass, so if you have a monthly subscription to the service, you don’t need to keep an eye on the pre-order announcement.

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