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Mexican dubbing actor Ricardo Silva Elizondo (1954-2021) died at the age of 67 on Sunday, February 7, due to COVID-19, informed friends and family of the artist through his Twitter account.

Dear friends and family

& mdash; Ricardo Silva E. (@Ricardo_Silva_E) February 8, 2021

Some of the themes of the series that I have interpreted, happy new year 2021.

& mdash; Ricardo Silva E. (@Ricardo_Silva_E) December 26, 2020

Ricardo Silva became an icon for anime fans with his interpretation of the song “Cha-La Head-Cha-La” by Dragon Ball Z, aired in Mexico in 1996 and later reached other Latin American countries.

“It became a hymn, a hymn for the people geek who likes series “, said the artist in an interview with Televisa.

However, the origins of Silva’s artistic career go back to the Disney classic Mary Poppins, in which he was in charge of adapting the songs to Spanish in the eighties. “From there I entered the wonderful world of dubbing,” he recalled. Jobs continued singing the themes of cartoons such as Duck adventures, Chip ‘n Dale Y The Muppets Babies.

However, it would not be until the mid-nineties when Silva would become the voice of the anthem of an entire generation with Dragon Ball Z.

In addition to lending his voice to the famous anime by Akira Toriyama, Silva also sang cartoon songs such as Digimon, Superchamps, Pokémon Y Ninja Turtles.

His fame built around the success of Dragon Ball Z gave Silva the international star tag among anime fans. There are several videos on YouTube in which thousands are seen of fans chanting along with Silva the theme of Dragon Ball Z.

In recent years, the artist brought several of his songs to Spotify, where he built a modest but loyal fan base. These are some of the themes performed throughout his career.

Theme of Dragon Ball Z

Theme of Digimon Adventure 02

Theme of Super champions

Theme of Pokemon

Theme of Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Theme of Muppets Babies

Theme of Ninja Turtles

Super Califrastilistico Espiralidoso, adaptation into Spanish by Ricardo Silva

Interview with Ricardo Silva

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