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After reaching some popularity with the recreation of the classic Windows sounds, the a cappella group MayTreede has once again made headlines with a new and charming record.

This time, the South Korean group recreated the most characteristic tones of the iPhone only with the voices of its members.

In little more than a minute, they go through some of the most recognized tones, such as Opening, which is the default sound that is activated when someone calls one of these Apple devices.

Silk, Uplift and other characteristic sounds such as the one associated with charging the battery, receiving a message and screen lock also appear in the log.

But not everything is harmonious, since this group also decided to recreate the annoying sound of the alarm with their voices (it is likely that it brings back bad memories for many).

Although an important part of the planet is just getting to know MayTree, it should be noted that in South Korea they are quite famous, since they regularly participate in concerts, radio and television programs, in addition to recording various commercials.

It is likely that, in this pandemic scenario, the group has decided to record these registers with classical sounds as a way to stay active.

It’s also likely to be a nostalgia-soaked homage of sorts to some popular products like iPhone and Windows that we all recognize today.

Or maybe there is no explanation why they decided to do it and you just have to watch the video and appreciate the voices of these talented performers.

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