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The free of charge of all the functions of Twitter, the popular micro-messaging social network, could reach its last days.

At least that’s how a report from Bloomberg, which revealed some of the alternatives the company is exploring for its subscription model.

From charging for access through external applications to using some of the tools, these are the options that Twitter analyzes, according to the report.

In mid-2020, Jack Dorsey, CEO of the San Francisco, California-based company, had confirmed that the platform was planning complementary income alternatives to the current advertising model.

“We believe there is a world where underwriting is complementary, where commerce is complementary,” Dorsey had recognized.

What functions would Twitter charge?

According BloombergOne of the alternatives that the company is exploring to generate additional income is to charge for access through TweetDeck, which allows external access to Twitter.

TweetDeck is an application that makes it easier for users to manage several accounts more efficiently, in addition to organizing Twitter into a series of feeds vertical.

The company is also considering charging for the long-awaited button to “undo” tweets or providing more options for customizing profiles.

A fourth alternative would be to introduce the “tips” feature, which would allow users to pay to access exclusive content.

Quoted by Bloomberg, Twitter head of revenue products Bruce Falck confirmed that plans “may include” subscriptions.

He assured that they do not expect these alternatives to translate into “significant income” during 2021.

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