Vaccines: Facebook hardens its position in the face of fake news | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook has taken a new stance on misinformation and false news on its platform, especially those related to the coronavirus and vaccines.

The company has announced that from now on it will censor any false information about COVID-19 and the different vaccines that try to stop the pandemic, and that users share in groups, pages or on their profiles.

Anything that has been denied by the health authorities will be prohibited.

From this Monday, comments on this social network and on Instagram will be eliminated, those that were previously allowed. Among them are those who claim that the coronavirus was created by humans, that the vaccine is not effective, that they are more dangerous than the disease and that they would even cause autism.

“We will begin to apply this policy immediately, focusing especially on pages, groups and accounts that do not respect these rules, and we will continue to expand surveillance in the coming weeks,” the company said in a statement.

From the platform they have also indicated that, before assuming this new position, they received advice from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Facebook will also incorporate the addresses of several centers to be vaccinated, which will take advantage of the information provided by the local health authorities.

At the same time, the company will donate $ 120 million in advertising credits to help health offices, NGOs and UN agencies to reach billions of people with information about the COVID-19 vaccine and preventive health. .

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