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The Expanscape company has attracted attention with its latest creation: it is a prototype laptop that for now bears the provisional title of Aurora 7, whose main feature is that, in addition to its main screen, it has six other screens.

The main one is 4K and has 17.3 inches, there are also three others with the same size and resolution.

Above these screens, on both sides, there are two seven-inch monitors and another 1,200p with the same characteristics, but above the main screen.


All these accessories give the laptop an impressive look, similar to the dashboard of a spaceship from some science fiction movie.

Of course, running this huge beast is not easy, for that, as a GPU, the machine has the Nvidia GTX 1060, as well as an Intel Core i9-9900k processor and 64GB of RAM.

Those of us who use a computer, let’s say, rather, conventional, wonder who could want a device of this type in their home.


The company has explained that the prototype is designed to function as a mobile security operations station, in order to remain connected all the time.

The good news, at least if you’re interested, is that the company plans to sell it in the near future.

Of course, acquiring the laptop will not be that simple, because Expanscape may make you sign a nondisclosure agreement that prohibits disclosing the price of the huge device. This leads us to assume that its value may not be available to all users.

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