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In accordance with Deadline, the animation studio Blue Sky, in charge of films such as River, Ferdinand, Robots Y The ice Age it will close its doors in April.

This comes two years after 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky’s parent company, was acquired by Disney.

Although, at first it was thought that the company would be able to include the three branches of animation (Disney Animation, Pixar and Blue Sky), the economic decline caused by the pandemic has forced it to make this determination.

Because of this, 450 employees will be affected, although Disney has indicated that it works to find new job opportunities for them in other internal animation studios.

“Given the current economic realities, after much consideration and evaluation, we have made the difficult decision to shut down filming operations at Blue Sky Studios,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline.

In its early days, Blue Sky Studios functioned as an animation and visual effects studio for commercials and films.

Due to its good work, it quickly became a studio for animated films that generated 5.9 billion dollars in gross.

While, Spies in Disguise It will remain as the last film from Blue Sky Studios, its characters continue to be part of Disney, so it is possible that they will reappear in another job as long as the company establishes it.

It is worth noting that The ice Age It was Blue Sky’s first film and it became a success, as the franchise has grossed nearly $ 3.2 billion.

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