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South Korean manufacturer Hyundai presented a prototype of its advanced off-road transport concept: the Tiger X-1, its first Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) completely autonomous.

The word Tiger means ground excursion intelligent transformation robot (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot), while the X-1 refers to the fact that it is the first prototype.

The Tiger X-1’s capabilities are outstanding thanks to sensors, 360-degree directional control, and off-road dimensions. It is designed as cargo transport to reach remote or inaccessible places.

In addition, it has independent mobility in each of its wheels, which makes it an all-wheel drive vehicle with the necessary strength in the corner that requires more support. Thanks to its robotic capabilities, it can go where the most capable SUVs can’t, Hyundai says.

When the tires do not have enough traction, the Tiger X-1 can also use four articulated legs to clear the way, begin to unfold, get up, walk and pass obstacles, and thus continue its march.

And if neither the tires nor the articulated legs are enough to move forward, you can link with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which will lift you to continue your work where it is needed.

Hyundai Tiger X-1 Concept

The Tiger X-1 is fully electric, allowing it to have independent capacity at each corner. In addition to receiving cargo, it can provide it in case it is necessary, such as to a UAV during a transfer.

All this combination of factors and elements make the Tiger X-1 an ideal vehicular robot for the evaluation and exploration of surfaces, areas affected by natural disasters, challenging terrain and especially the exploration of the Moon or planets such as Mars.

Tiger Concept on the moon

“We are constantly looking for ways to rethink vehicle design, develop and redefine the future of transportation and mobility,” said John Suh, chief of New Horizons Studio in Mountain View, California, Hyundai’s division in charge of UMV development.

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