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Surface Laptop Go: A Laptop for the “New Normal”

“The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go positions itself as a solid alternative from its interior to its smooth keyboard. Its quick response and the quality of its touch screen stand out. ”

  • Good integration between hardware and software

  • Autonomy of more than 10 hours

  • Touch screen

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Fingerprint sensor on the off button

  • Not all its structure is made of aluminum

  • Sound not so powerful

The laptop market – in its different versions – has grown favorably, especially due to the new conditions imposed by the pandemic in academia and professionals. Those who thought that, in general, the PC category had been relegated, especially due to the popularity of mobile devices, were wrong. In this context, it is appropriate to review a machine such as the Surface Laptop Go, which was presented internationally in October 2020.

The Laptop Go It is a proposal that integrates a 12.4-inch screen (3: 2 format), which means that it is even more compact –just slightly– compared to the huge range of laptops that start at 13 inches. While its cover is made of aluminum, its base and sides are made up of polycarbonate and other similar elements, a factor that may not convince those looking for uniform designs.

In addition to the slot that allows power charging, it comes with USB-A and USB-C ports (one of each), and a Jack 3.5mm for wired headphones. If you want to use a monitor as a second screen via HDMI, you will need to consider an adapter.

The current trend is for laptops with few inputs and ports, however, this does not mean that it cannot be reversed. People are considering the purchase of laptops, but more to integrate them to their fixed desk than to carry them from one place to another. In other words, they may give preference to devices with various inputs and ports.

Aluminum Surface Laptop Go Cover
Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

In more of its design, the Surface Laptop Go incorporates a full-size backlit keyboard, whose keys are soft to the touch. It is not an exaggeration to say that they do give a certain feeling of comfort when writing or composing messages. The touchpad below the keyboard or touchpadIn addition to being precise, it is also characterized by its smoothness.

Overall, Microsoft’s device feels solid in the hands when it comes time to carry it from room to room, and it’s easy to use when placed on a desk or on your lap. Although the purchase of accessories for a laptop will always be a good idea, the proposal of the Redmond firm stands out for being complete in more ways than one.

Smooth performance

From creating reports to making video calls, your Surface Laptop Go is packed with you for a variety of productivity and entertainment tasks, plus enjoying content on streaming.

Microsoft ships it with the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4 or 8 GB of RAM, and up to 256 GB of storage. It means that the user will find what is necessary for smooth performance. Either way, the recommendation is to select the 8 GB version of RAM, in order to ensure good performance as the workload increases.

Surface Laptop Go screen on
Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

Storage wise, will even 256GB fall short at some point? It might seem that this amount is insufficient, but the cloud solves much of the problem: different programs run online, which puts the computer only as a bridge of access.

Now, it is important to say that this Microsoft device is not intended for those who need great graphic power and storage to edit videos and photos, for example.

Regarding its autonomy, on paper, up to 13 hours are ensured in standard use: web browsing and execution of apps mainly locally. Although this time was not reached in the tests, around 10 hours were obtained, so the notebook is ready for a full day without the need to connect to the electrical current.

When it’s time to recharge it, it takes a couple of hours to go from 20 percent to 100 percent of its battery capacity (the computer stayed on and the screen brightness was low).

Window to entertainment

Is 12.4 inches enough for a good display of content? It can be said that there is no problem to read all kinds of content or view photos on this screen with a resolution of 1,536 x 1,024 pixels. It helps that it is possible to quickly adjust the brightness via the keyboard or zoom in via the touchpad and gestures.

When watching a series or movie in streaming, the colors that are displayed are intense, as is the level of contrast, so the Surface Laptop Go is not a duty in this section. The sound it delivers is clear, it cannot be argued: the compatibility with Dolby Audio contributes to this, however, it is not as powerful as that of other similar machines, which means that in most situations it is necessary to upload it at its highest level.

Playing content on the Surface Laptop Go
Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

The laptop is more than ready for video calls – now that they are an established trend – thanks to its HD camera (720p) and far-field studio microphones. Of course, the quality of the internet connection also affects here to have a satisfactory experience. The Microsoft computer will not leave collaborators or students in the middle of the meeting.

As a bonus, it has a touch screen (10 multi-touch points) that responds quickly and accurately, which is useful for users looking for new forms of interaction, from accessing the different sections of a website to pausing the playback of Netflix without using the keyboard or touchpad. Of course, you will have to have a special cloth to clean the trace of the footprints on the display.

The ideal machine to work at home?

Portability and good performance are two of the main features of the Surface Laptop Go. It also highlights that it incorporates a “one-touch login” by using the fingerprint sensor integrated in the off button (configured when starting the computer for the first time or later, from the general settings), with the purpose of have the machine ready in a few seconds.

Surface Laptop Go power button
Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

It also highlights that a couple of USB ports have been incorporated to connect – without the need for an adapter – from a hard disk to a cell phone to copy the information with which you want to work.

It is true that not all productivity needs are created equal, however this computer does not disappoint, especially when running at its best. Nor does it do it when the user is looking for a moment to be distracted by a YouTube clip or an episode of a series.


The Surface Laptop Go competes in the 13-inch laptop segment, where it stands out for its great integration between hardware and software (Windows 10).

Although it does not integrate the latest in processing by Intel, it will respond adequately to the different demands that arise from the user.

For those considering a laptop for the “new normal,” the Surface Laptop Go positions itself as a solid alternative from its interior to its smooth keyboard. The combination of aluminum with polycarbonate may upset more than one, but once turned on, the complaints will be significantly reduced.

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