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Last year, the way many people work was redefined, and choosing the right equipment we use is more important than ever. However, with so many options, choosing the right one is no easy task. Do you need help? If you are looking for the best in desktop computers, our recommendation is the Dell XPS 8940, undoubtedly the most complete model on the market. Obviously, it is not the only alternative; it all depends on the use you want to give it. That’s why here we have a list of the best desktops you can buy in 2021.

Comparative summary

The best overall

Dell XPS 8940

Why should you buy it? You get a powerful computer for a great price.

For whom it is? Families, students and users who want to take care of their budget.

The best desktop is the one that serves the most people and that is the Dell XPS 8930 SE. On the outside, it’s not flashy, but it’s a piece of equipment that would fit as easily in an office as it is in a home.

Regardless of the configuration you choose, you will find something that meets your needs, especially since Dell makes them to order. The options are limitless, but for less than $ 1,000 you can configure a powerful machine that will leave you more than satisfied. The system limit is the Nvidia RTX 2060 Super GPU and a 10-core Intel Core i9; That performance is incredible, although with the more modest options you can also get an adequate return for your money.

Whatever you choose, despite being compact and easy to transport, everything is modular and expandable.

If you want something for gaming You might want to look elsewhere, but the ZPS 8940 has something for everyone.

Best for gamers

HP Omen Obelisk

Why should you buy it? Agile performance in a clean design with mature air.

For whom it is? For gamers, home users.

Not everyone has the time or wants to build their own PC to gaming. The HP Omen Obelisk gives you most of the benefits of building your own system, but without the hassle. It’s extremely easy to upgrade, offers virtually unlimited settings, and lets you see its guts through its transparent panel.

Plus, you can save some money by opting for slightly less powerful parts without sacrificing performance too much. The unit we reviewed, which starts at $ 1,700, comes with a 9th-gen processor and an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super.

However, acquiring one of these today can be a bit difficult. The 10th generation models are not yet available and configurations are limited. But that will likely change in the future.

The best all in one

Apple iMac 5K (2020)

Why should you buy it? An iconic design allows the iMac to stand out from the competition.

For whom it is? For professionals and home users looking for a compact, beautiful and powerful all-in-one computer

After the announcement of the transition from Mac to Apple Silicon, acquiring the latest iMac might seem like a risk. However, considering how powerful it has become, waiting more than a year for a redesigned model to come out is simply not practical for most.

Fortunately, what you now get with the 27-inch iMac 5K is a substantial improvement. It might look the same, but Apple has made numerous tweaks, including a webcam Upgraded 1080p, better speakers, and the option to include that glorious nano-textured anti-reflective glass.

Most importantly, the 5K iMac now has support for 10-core 10-core Intel processors and powerful AMD Radeon 5000-series graphics cards. All of this comes together to deliver incredible power to those doing video editing and other types of content creation at home.

The best for students

Dell G5 Gaming

Dell G5 Gaming

Why should you buy it? It offers excellent performance for a small price.

For whom it is? Beginning students, families and players.

When choosing the best desktop computer, we wanted something that could do everything at an affordable price. That’s the Dell G5 Gaming computer. Even its $ 680 base model is a solid PC, including a GTX 1650 and a quad-core Core i3 processor. Enough for most students, whether they are working on a video project, editing photos, playing games, or just writing a research paper.

Although most students will be able to survive with an inexpensive desktop computer, more and more schools require projects that require greater graphics power, so having a discrete GPU will help. Dell’s G5 Gaming Desktop, while marketed as a low-cost gaming rig, offers a Core i9-10900KF and options for discrete graphics up to an Nvidia RTX 2070. For a mainstream PC, this is high power.

Best compact desktop PC

Apple Mac Mini

The Apple Mac Mini, one of the best desktop computers

Why should you buy it? It is small and powerful. The Mac Mini is an excellent replacement for your full desktop system.

For whom it is? For Apple fans with limited space.

With a starting price of $ 699, the Mac Mini just received a major brain transplant that gives it even more power. This year Apple replaced the Intel processor with its own creation, and early reviews indicate that its new M1 processor is on par with the largest PCs and even surpasses them in terms of processing and graphics.

With a Mac Mini with M1 you can easily use all Mac apps, as well as an extensive catalog of iOS applications originally designed for iPhone and iPad. You can also play iOS titles and do streaming of videos, all at a fairly reasonable price.

What is the best desktop brand?

Choosing a computer that fits all your needs and lasts for a few years can be a difficult decision, due to the number of models available. However, unless you’re looking for a specific niche model – like one that’s equipped with multiple graphics cards, for example – most computers come with similar components inside, so you can expect similar performance. There are some more expensive than others, but the options are there.

Performance aside, you are free to look for other features in a computer, such as design or support that the manufacturer can provide after purchasing the product. When it comes to support, Apple generally wins with its Genius Grove (formerly called Genius Bar), a specialized sector to provide support within the company’s many outlets.

If you’re looking for extended support, you’ll do better with business-class companies like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Business desktops are slightly more expensive than personal computers, but are rigorously tested and generally come with optional warranty upgrades that cover parts repair, protection against damage, and the option to extend the warranty of a computer. year to extend the life of the computer you invested in.

Should my computer have an SSD or a GPU?

SSD (Solid State Disk) and graphics cards are superior enhancements that can help your desktop PC run smoothly for a long time. SSD prices have dropped in recent years, but you don’t have to spend that much on a high-capacity SSD to see its benefits. Instead, budget-minded students can opt for a dual-drive strategy, combining a faster and more manageable SSD — with enough capacity to store the operating system and frequently used applications — and a less expensive, more expensive hard drive. more expansive to hold larger files.

In addition to storage, you should also explore how much memory you want in your computer; Most PCs currently come with at least 8GB of RAM, 16GB is what the gamers and regular web users, but 32GB or more is useful for high-end tasks like video editing or rendering.

Even if you are not gamer or a content creator, having differentiated graphics can bring you benefits. With applications offloading some of the heavy work from the processor to the GPU (graphics processing unit), a good graphics card can help speed up some office tasks and web browsing when GPU acceleration is enabled.

While graphics cards can help with some tasks, their main function has to do with video games, and if you are not one of the people who play on your computer, you do not need to spend as much on a large and powerful graphics card, especially since they can become the most expensive component of your system. Higher-end cards, like the RTX 3080 with Nvidia’s Ray Tracing technology, are over the top for most, but will give you excellent frame rates and details. If you want something more budget-friendly, consider the mid-range GTX 1660 Ti or the Radeon RX 5600 XT.

What is the best processor for a desktop computer?

The best CPU or central processing unit will depend on how you use your computer. Gamers looking for maximum performance will likely want an Intel Core i9-10900K, found in most high-end systems, while content creators looking to juggle large media files will want something with more cores, that is, an AMD, which offers 12-core and 16-core chips, such as the Ryzen 3900X and 3950X.

If you work primarily in Office and use your computer to browse the web, use a Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, or a Ryzen 7 or 5, could help you substantially save your money without affecting performance much.

Should my computer have USB-C or Thunderbolt 3?

The USB-C connector is starting to appear on more desktops, but it is still more common on laptops. It is not strictly necessary, since there are many cables to adapt a USB-A connector to a USB-C connector, but if it is essential for you, you should be attentive to the cabinet in which your new system comes to see if it has a USB port- Integrated C.

The Thunderbolt 3 connector uses the USB-C form factor, but offers the highest bandwidth of any USB-based wired connection available at the moment, delivering speeds that surpass standard USB ports. However, it is even less common on desktop computers than the old USB-C. If you want it, you will have to opt for an Intel or Apple system, although if you go for the first and the Thunderbolt 3 connector is not as standard in the case or on the motherboard, you can always get an additional PCI-Express card (interconnect of peripheral components) that does.

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