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Trends advance, fashions arrive, adjustments are necessary and even the most reluctant will have to adapt to the market and the world panorama. Moving to hybridizations and electrification is something that reaches all levels. And supercars are no exception.

A few days after its official presentation, McLaren offered another preview of what will be its new vehicle, the Artura. Perhaps seeing the name of a McLaren without numbers will confuse the most fans, since this nomenclature of only letters was reserved for the models of the Ultimate Series, read Elva, Speedtail or Senna.

Artura comes to break with this and much more.

The little they have let us see so far shows a front with an undeniable influence of the 720S; characteristic headlights appear to have some shade under them; the side is sharp, reminiscent of the 570S, while the rear boasts classic mid-height tailpipes, underneath only the imposing air diffuser remains.

With an investment of more than £ 50 million, McLaren will use its new Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) in the Artura. After nine years of using the same base, he will make the change and opt for the carbon structure for his new generations.

The Artura’s powertrain is also new. The twin-turbo eight-cylinder (V8) engine is dropped and replaced by a V6 with electric assistance. Power will be sent to the rear axle, but we cannot rule out a model that also carries it in the front, as with the BMW i8.

McLaren Artura rear end

Horsepower could be over 562 bhp (brake horsepower) and torque at least 443 lb-ft, amounts we saw on the outgoing model. At the moment there is nothing official, but we can believe that the combined combustion engine-electric motor will give higher figures. This is usually the case in the market: you are always looking for higher numbers in strength and lower numbers in lap times on the track. We’ll see what McLaren finally says.

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