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Facebook will not try to buy the social network of the moment, Clubhouse. However, true to form, he would be preparing an imitation of the audio room application.

The rumors emerged a week after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took part in a talk show.

In simple terms, Clubhouse is an audio chat social network, somewhat like a live podcast. Users can only listen, but if they have permission from the moderator, they also have the ability to intervene in the conversation.

Thanks to the participation of figures such as Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher, the application has been gaining popularity in early 2021.

And this phenomenon put her in the crosshairs of Facebook, which would already be starting to work on a Clubhouse competitor, as reported The New York Times.

According to this version, the product is known internally as Fireside.

The app is still in the early stages of development, so its name could change as the project progresses.

Zuckerberg’s intervention in Clubhouse had unleashed theories about a possible purchase, in light of Facebook’s history of absorbing potential rivals, as happened with Instagram and WhatsApp.

Twitter expands beta of Spaces

This is what the Spaces interface looks like Spaces.

But Facebook is not the only company that has been concerned with the growth of Clubhouse. Twitter has also felt the blow.

Although the micro-messaging social network had begun development of Spaces, a new audio-exclusive feature in 2020, it is now extending its beta program.

According to The Verge, about 3,000 people were invited to test Spaces, which will add to the 1,000 users already had this feature.

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