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Alexa can do many things besides playing your favorite songs. Amazon’s virtual assistant has a fun personality and can answer questions, for example, or play with you when you’re bored. And it is an immersive experience; Many of the best games to play with Alexa include stories that she narrates while giving you clues and puzzles to solve, for example. Some you can play alone; others in group. There is everything!

“Choose your own adventure” style and story-based games

Magic door

If you’ve never played an adventure game with your smart speaker and would like to experience it, we definitely recommend that you start with Magic door. Even though this game uses the conventional monotonous voice of Alexa to say things like “Oh my gosh, I’m really scared now”, in the same tone in which she responds that she has turned off the lights, it is quite fun and entertaining for beginners.

To start playing it, Alexa will ask if you want to explore the mountains, the sea, or the forest. Each location will send you on a magical quest along a path strewn with amazing objects, talking creatures, and occasionally spooky sounds.

In addition, for some reason that we still do not know, you must activate notifications to enable this ability.

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.


When do you play Earplay You must be very careful with your choices, as they can drastically change the course of history. In the demo, we appreciate a woman sitting at a restaurant table and asking you to pretend you know her. Every choice you make, like wanting to talk to her or go through her purse, will have consequences.

However, it is important that you know that, for some reason, the story of the secret agent of Earplay, Codename Cygnus, is a separate ability that you must enable. So far, it is one of two story options available.

Qualification: mature.

RuneScape Quests: One Piercing Note

RuneScape it is an online role-playing game, but you don’t have to know anything about the game’s fantastic medieval world to play One Piercing Note. As an adventurer, you are tasked with solving the mystery of the abbey. It’s a bit like The Name of the RoseOnly they are dead nuns instead of murdered monks.

Unlike The Wayne InvestigationThis search doesn’t have Alexa, which helps you stay in the secluded abbey atmosphere, which may or may not contain a demon. Warning: some of the details are quite gruesome.

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

Detective Ivan – Crime Investigation

In this fun mystery set in the year 2034, you play the role of a detective who works alongside an advanced crime scene investigator with artificial intelligence. Each story is a case: Players interact with Ivan in real time as he collects clues and witness testimonies to help players solve crimes.

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

Based on TV games

based on tv games


When you hear Johnny Gilbert and Alex Trebek greet you by turning on this ability, you see that it is an interesting game. In this game, each day you will be able to answer a question from the six categories of Jeopardy!.

It is important that you know that Amazon Prime members can enjoy six extra rounds of Double jeopardy for free, but if you don’t have a membership, you will have to pay $ 2 a month for these questions.

If you have trouble thinking of the correct answer, don’t worry, because you can ask Alexa the same question and she will blow it on you. Remember though, this would not be fair and sincere as you would be cheating.

Classification: N / A

deal or no deal

The dynamics of the game is related to a selection of briefcases, which are very special because they are full of money.

The first briefcase you choose will remain closed by your side for the rest of the game, but you will also have the option to choose other briefcases in the different rounds that can have from a dollar to almost $ 750 thousand dollars. So cross your fingers for the biggest one!

At the end of each round, Alexa will receive a phone call from “The Banker”, who will offer you a sum of money to quit the game and lose your briefcase. In this game you must use your intuition to know if it is really worth accepting the banker’s proposal or not.

Your goal is to outplay the banker and finish the game with as much money as possible, so consider the offers wisely!

Also, you may want to keep a pen and paper handy, or you can open your Alexa app to remember which briefcases you have previously chosen.

Classification: N / A

Guess the Price

Although Bob Barker isn’t there to ask you questions, and he’s not exactly The Price is Right, the ability Guess the Price It still makes you feel like you are on the game show as you will be guessing the prices of the items. If you guess the exact price, you get bonus points, although closing is good too.

Classification: N / A

Ideal for group play

group games with alexa

Song quiz

With Song quiz, Alexa will play a fragment of a song, and you will have to guess the artist or the title of this. Best of all, if you get both questions right, you’ll earn bonus points.

To play, you can choose songs from a specific decade such as 1960 or 2000. In addition, you have the possibility to play it with the friends you want to face them and find out who is the best in the riddles. If, on the other hand, you are alone, you will have to play against a stranger.

But don’t worry, you won’t actually listen to others’ responses, only if they did it right or wrong.

Also, on some occasions Alexa wants to cheer you up and lets you know how good you are at guessing some songs that could be considered old or more complicated, like the song “Crazy” by Britney Spears, do you remember?

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

Would You Rather Family

Would Rather for Family is a simple but addictive game, in which you make a choice between two funny situations and you have to find out if the rest of the world will agree with your decision.

This trivia game is ideal for people of any age and you can use it to enjoy and entertain yourself for hours at a party or family gathering.

Also, it is important that you know that this game is constantly being updated, to add more fun and unknown questions. Currently you can find an edition of Harry Potter included in this skill that has been very popular and where questions arise such as Would you rather lick Dobby’s sock of freedom or share a plate of food with Fang?

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

Truth or Dare – Spin the Bottle

This game is a mix of two party games: Truth or Dare Y Spin the bottle. Alexa spins an imaginary bottle and it will tell you who you are playing with. From there, the victim must choose between truth or challenge. Alexa can choose from 220 questions and tasks, depending on the answer, so you won’t be bored with this game for a long time.

Classification: mature

True or false

The dynamics of this game is quite simple, since you only have to answer true or false to a series of questions that they ask you. Although the truth, some questions can be very difficult to answer and that is where the problem comes from. So put your intellect to the test!

The best of all is that if you guess correctly, Alexa as a prize is responsible for explaining in detail about the action or character so that you learn and document yourself. Like an encyclopedia!

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

Word games

Word Play

If you’re looking for a five-letter word, Alexa will provide the first letter or two, but the rest is up to you. It’s a bit like playing Wheel of fortune without the illuminated letters. The smart assistant will be able to discern when you have placed a letter in the correct place, when it is in the wrong position or when it is definitely not present in the word.

Classification: N / A


There aren’t many games that work with the Echo Buttons yet, but this is one of them. In the game of Hanagram For two to four players, Alexa reads a category, along with the clues, the length of the words, and each letter out of order. The players then make a noise when they think they have the answer.

Classification: N / A

Categories Game

As in Scattergories, you will receive a letter, and every word you give must start with that letter. Alexa then reads the categories, one at a time. The more you play, the more categories you will unlock. There really isn’t a competition mode, so you can give the most obvious answer and it won’t be penalized. On the contrary, in ScattergoriesIf you and another player have the same answer, neither of you gets points.

Classification: N / A

Word of the day

This game goes beyond teaching you a new word every day. It also asks you about it, to help you remember. First, it will ask you to listen to the summary of the word of the day, then it will ask you questions about what you just learned. It is a great game for those who want to increase their vocabulary.

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

Guess My Name

Although you can play this piece alone, it is much more fun to play with a group of people. You will hear a series of tracks in the chosen category. Your job is to guess what you think Alexa is describing before anyone else. For example, if you knew the answer, you would have to yell, “Alexa, you’re Marilyn Monroe!” Categories include countries, animals, historical figures, famous actors, animated characters, and random characters.

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

Heads Up!

From the beloved app created by Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up! is the perfect game for a group of people. In this piece you must choose a category and Alexa will provide you with three fun facts and clues for each card. Try to guess the most cards in 90 seconds so that you can win.

Categories you can choose from include Superstars, Blockbuster Moves, Crazed Animals, Family Only, and more.

Classification: parental guidance is considered appropriate.

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