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Toyota announced that it will sell three electric cars in the United States this year, according to a company statement.

Two of the models will be fully electric vehicles, while the other will be a plug-in hybrid car. These are the first 100 percent electric models offered by the company, despite Toyota dominating the hybrid car industry in the United States.

Outside of those details, the company did not offer more information about the cars that will be sold this year in that country.

Bob Carter, executive vice president of Toyota Motor North America, said the sale of the three new models marks a new stage in the company’s leadership in the eco-friendly vehicle segment.

“We continue to be leaders in the electric segment, which began with our pioneering model, the Prius, 25 years ago,” said the executive.

Years ago, Toyota ruled out offering 100 percent electric vehicles. The company justified the decision by noting that, according to the results of its own investigations, the emission of polluting gases produced by electricity consumption for charging batteries is practically the same as that generated by combustion cars.

In the statement published today, Toyota recoiled in his speech and pointed out that “the shortest way to reduce the emission of pollutants in the transport sector is to offer consumers more options that suit their needs.”

As a medium and long-term projection, Toyota estimates that by 2025 40 percent of its sales will correspond to electric cars; the percentage will rise to 70 percent in 2030.

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