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The arrival of a new social platform is not a minor thing, especially because of the history left behind by those that have already traveled a good way, such as Facebook and Twitter. The service of the moment is distinguished by its rooms chats, in which the real-time voice of the speakers predominates, not the text. Without further ado, it is worth understanding what is Clubhouse and why has it become the app of the moment.

What is Clubhouse?

Hearing @Zendaya on Clubhouse share insights on her latest movie is such a good use case for the platform. Special behind the scenes and dynamic conversation. pic.twitter.com/g74Q81ZXjx

& mdash; Jessica Verrilli (@jess) February 6, 2021

It is an application that has generated growing interest, although it is not yet widely available: it is accessed by invitation and only through iOS, the operating system for Apple smartphones.

Just as in Instagram the base is the image or photographs of the users, the idea in Clubhouse is to be part of what a “speaker” has to say in real time, yes, through their voice. Of course, there is also another essential figure: the moderators, who authorize which participants or listeners can take the floor.

“We allow users to participate in audio conversations with friends and other people from all over the world,” this is how the application describes its purpose.

When did it arise?

Clubhouse is moving quickly today, but in some ways it feels like our journey started a long time ago. We wanted to take a moment to share our story and tell you a bit more about what & # 39; s next.https://t.co/rsvnHYlS4b

& mdash; Clubhouse (@joinClubhouse) January 24, 2021

Clubhouse was born from the minds of two entrepreneurs with a common taste: social products. Despite the fact that Paul Davison and Rohan Seth met in 2011, it was only in 2019 that they “reconnected” again because of a job that Rohan was doing to help his daughter Lydia, who was born with a rare genetic disease.

“Against our better judgment and with the support of two very patient spouses, we decided to give social apps one last chance,” they explain.

Finally, they launched Clubhouse in March 2020, yes, the month in which the WHO made the declaration of a pandemic due to the emergency caused by the new coronavirus.

“Our goal was to create a social experience that felt more human, one where instead of posting, you could meet other people and talk,” add Davison and Seth.

Why did it become popular?

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Recently, two big tech figures made their appearance at Clubhouse: Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, to talk primarily about how their tech creations will impact the immediate and long-term future. in people’s life.

The truth is that app it wants to expand, not just be a meeting place for Silicon Valley “seasoned” people. In this sense, it seems that the confinement situation that still exists around the world has been key to the expansion of users and themes on the platform.

“Every night, there are thousands of halls full of people who present contests, recap NBA games, sing opera, discuss philosophy, meet other musicians, share travel tips, organize support groups and meditate,” it is explained from the startup.

In January 2021, the creators of Clubhouse said the service struck a chord with people and accelerated rapidly over the past 10 months, so much so that they already saw it as a diverse and growing network of communities.

What milestones have you achieved?

Aside from its popularity and growing demand – it went from 600,000 to 2 million users from December 2020 to January 2021 – Clubhouse recently reached a valuation of $ 1 billion, after raising around $ 100 million led by the private firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Likewise, its merit is the fact of reviving that practice of yesteryear in which a new technological platform could only be accessed by invitation. It has worked perfectly for him to generate buzz, so his future seems to be prominent.

What inconveniences has it had?

Parler is well aware that poor content moderation can lead to an app being kicked out of digital stores. And this was (is) one of the main complaints about Clubhouse, the lack of reaction capacity to respond to harassment practices, false information, hate speech and harassment.

In one of their latest publications, the creators of the application refer that user safety has always been a priority. They add that they are working to expand their security and support teams, and invest in tools to detect and prevent abuse, although they do not yet offer the details of those.

They will also have to prove the worth of the platform beyond confinement, because in repeated reports it has been said that Clubhouse made good use of the moment of international confinement to generate expectation, but everything can change once social conditions get closer to how they were before of the health emergency.

When will it come to Android?

Earlier this year, Clubhouse reported that it was about to start working on its Android version, however, there is still no release date for it. Another of its medium-term goals is to open its doors to everyone, perhaps entering the service without having to be invited.

It is certain that throughout this 2021, still in a context of global confinement, while the vaccine advances in different regions, there will be all kinds of news about the expansion of the app created by Davison and Seth.

How does Clubhouse work?

If this ain’t the most creative thing I’ve seen on clubhouse. Wow ???????????????? #TheLionKingCH pic.twitter.com/pYNeRKUKZG

& mdash; Zie Otto (@ZieNYC) December 27, 2020

Examples abound. The arrival of a new application means that users must learn its rules, as well as precise jargon for better interaction at their borders. In this sense, some key elements of the Clubhouse can be identified.

  • Moderator. This is one of the key figures, since they determine who can speak and at what time. Yes, how do book clubs work, for example.
  • Speaker or speaker. Sheltered by the moderators, the speaker he is the protagonist of the conversation or meeting that takes place in real time, the one who has something to say to an audience interested in his ideas, as Musk and Zuckerberg have shown.
  • Rooms. In a convention there are several themed rooms, and the user can go to the one that interests him the most, right? The same happens in Clubhouse: users can go from one room virtual to another, each with a specific theme.
  • Listeners or listeners. They can either take a passive role, just listen to what the speaker has to say, or they can also raise their hand to ask to speak. Of course, the moderator always decides who to give it to.

We will have to wait until Clubhouse, a service that has been described as “An unedited podcast”, opens up to a wider audience, which brings with it more responsibilities for its creators. What it is is that its “listening in real time” attracts a lot of attention.

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