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Surely it has happened to you that you want to send a message via WhatsApp and, in a carefree way, you open the application, select the chat you want to send it to, write it and send it, all good … until you look up and realize that you selected a wrong recipient. It may not be the first or the last time this has happened to you, so it is always good to know how to delete messages sent on WhatsApp and thus not be ashamed.

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Already in the first months of 2020, WhatsApp incorporated alternatives to facilitate the blocking of contacts, allow group calls, a modern dark mode, online with other applications, as well as the incorporation of stickers or stickers associated with health phenomena. However, the ability to delete messages in the group has always been one of the most appreciated by users.

The popular messaging system originally did not have this feature. However, since 2017 it allows you to delete messages sent through its platform. Many people applauded the idea but criticized the fact that you only had seven minutes to remove it. The company listened to user requests and decided to extend that period of time to 68 minutes.

Previously, the feature of this popular app was not 100 percent useful as it only deleted the message for the person who sent it. That means that those you sent the message to, either by mistake or because you had an impulsive decision, could continue to read it.

But the update implemented in 2017 gives you the option to “delete for everyone”, a function whose title indicates that what you sent will be deleted for the entire group chat. Instead, group members will see a notification that the message was deleted.

The only caveat to take into account is that all participants in the conversation must have the latest version of WhatsApp on your device.

Very few people have never had to deal with the problem that, because of a “finger mistake” or good judgment, they sent a message to the wrong person. And if this message reached a group, much worse.

This is one of the many other functions that came to WhatsApp together with an update to the version of the application for iOS, and which at the time included the possibility of putting messages waiting to be sent, even when you did not have an Internet connection. The Android version had this feature since 2016, so it was one of the main demands for the iOS version.

How to delete group messages

To delete the messages you sent, and have them deleted from the phones of everyone in a group, follow these steps:

1- Open WhatsApp and go to the chat that contains the message you want to delete.

2- Keep your finger pressed on the message to select it.

3- Select Get rid of within the menu. You can select multiple messages and delete them at the same time.

4- It will ask you if you want to delete it just for yourself or for everyone. Press Delete for All.

5- Breathe easy… as long as someone faster has not seen the message and has taken a screenshot.

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