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2010 marked a major change for toymaker Mattel, particularly for one of its flagship products: it asked the public to choose Barbie’s next profession. Not a minor decision, because it was the 125th career of the popular doll.

Through a massive vote on Twitter and Facebook, the company’s followers decided that the next version of the figure should represent a computer engineer.

The choice marked a milestone in the history of the doll, not only because it was the first time that the public was asked to choose the profession, but also because, until then, it had embodied other roles that used to be associated with women, with a marked obsession with princesses.

In 2010, Mattel’s intention was “to inspire a new generation of girls to enter the technology industry that needs women as future leaders.”


Transverse backrest

The launch of the doll on February 12, 2010 did not go unnoticed and was applauded by professionals who already had a career related to engineering.

“All girls who envision their future through Barbie will learn that engineers – like girls – are free to explore endless possibilities, limited only by their imagination,” said Nora Lin, president of the Society of Women Engineers.

“As a computer engineer, Barbie will show girls that women can turn their ideas into realities that have a direct and positive impact on people’s everyday lives in this exciting and rewarding career,” she added.

For him look Regarding this doll, the company consulted with the Society of Women Engineers. So they opted for a sober outfit, which was accompanied by technological accessories, such as a laptop and Bluetooth headphones.

Since that moment, Mattel has dared to venture into other versions of its most iconic doll that have sought to banish stereotypes and opt for a more inclusive and diverse look.

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