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It may be one of the most unique auctions of recent times, so much so that the objects that will animate the transactions are not even part of the Earth, despite the fact that they were found on our planet.

Until February 23, the Christie’s house will auction a lot of 75 objects from space, including moon rocks and meteorites from Mars, which have impacted on Earth.

Probably one of the most striking is a lunar rock weighing more than 40 kilos that was found in December 2019 in the Sahara desert, classified as the second largest that exists on the planet.

“The rock it was cut from is larger than any of the rocks brought back by the Apollo missions,” explains James Hyslop, head of Christie’s Travel, Science and Natural History department.

Many of the other objects have a Martian origin or were detached from asteroids orbiting the belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Some start with offers of just a few hundred dollars, but there are others, such as a trapezoidal slab from a lunar meteorite, that can reach $ 350,000, according to the auction house.

All of these meteorites were examined by scientists from The Meteoritical Society, an organization that is dedicated to planetary science research.

Of course, objects for sale can provide valuable information about the materials and processes that gave rise to our solar system, hence these wonders are of interest not only to collectors, but also to space researchers.

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