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Several years ago, it seemed impossible to connect a console controller to the computer to play games, since connectors and cables were almost always needed that we hardly ever had on hand. However, thanks to technology, they can now be connected via Bluetooth and other similar methods. So if you got an Xbox Series X or S, but still have your Xbox 360 and its accessories, you can put its controllers to good use. Here we show you how to connect the Xbox 360 controls to your PC.

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Connect a wireless receiver

This section only applies to those with wireless controls. If you have a wired Xbox 360 controller, jump right to the point Install the Software.

For those who own Xbox 360 wireless controllers, connecting to a PC is not as simple as simply plugging in the device. First, you will need to purchase a capable receiver and then run the appropriate setup wizard.

If you don’t have a receiver yet, don’t worry, they usually cost between $ 10 and $ 20. Microsoft’s official version will cost you a bit more, but there are many third-party alternatives available that work perfectly fine.

After purchasing the wireless receiver, connect it to a compatible USB port on your computer. Once plugged in, a green light will appear on the receiver indicating that the device is working properly.

Install the software

So that the receiver games wireless devices and the Xbox 360 wireless controller are properly synchronized with each other, users must download the software required through the Microsoft website or the installation disc included with your receiver.

If you have Windows 10, the drivers for the controller will be installed automatically, so you don’t have to download anything, just Windows 10 updates. Once the drivers have been installed, you can use the controller.

If you have the installation CD (probably not, but it is possible), insert it into the main optical drive of your PC and follow the wizard that will appear on the screen. You may need to restart your computer.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the installation CD, you can easily access the software download online by visiting the Microsoft website and navigating to the Software Downloads section. Once there, you will have to scroll to the game controls section.

If you are using a wireless controller, then select the controller Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows. If your controller has cables, you will need to select Xbox 360 Controller for Windows instead.

Choose the version of Microsoft Windows you are using – Windows 7 drivers will work for Windows 8 and Windows 10 – and select the language of the operating system and click Download.

Once the download screen appears, tap Run and allows the Xbox 360 Accessories Installer to install the necessary files. Again, you may need to restart your computer after the installation is complete.

Synchronize control

If in your case you have a wired control, you just have to connect it. Scroll down to test the control and to make sure everything is working properly.

Otherwise, you will need to connect the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with the receiver connected to your computer. To do this, first turn on the control by holding down the Xbox Guide button that appears in the center of the control and waits for the green light to come on. Next, press the connect button on the top of the wireless receiver (figure B) until a green light starts to flash, then press the corresponding button on your controller (figure C).

The pairing or pairing process will only take a few seconds, then the green light on the receiver will turn solid again and one of the four corners around the Guide button on the controller will light (Figure D). If you are still having problems, check the support page from Microsoft for further assistance.

Test control

Once the necessary software has been installed and with the control connected or synchronized, it is time to test the connection. Open the menu Start on your PC, click on the search menu and type “game controllers“. You should see an option that says “Configure USB game controllers“.

Then, press the buttons and triggers on the controller and move the joysticks to make sure the controller is working properly. If so, you will see the correlation action highlighted in the app. Don’t worry if the area lights up. As long as the system recognizes each button, everything will be fine. If the application does not recognize the control, you can try to solve the problem through the website of Xbox tech support.

Start to play!

That’s all you have to do. The Xbox 360 controller is regularly defaulted to modern PC games, so you shouldn’t have to make any special key adjustments in the vast majority of games.

Just make sure the controller is connected when you load the game and it should detect it quickly. In fact, some games may switch to 360 control automatically, even in the middle of the game.

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