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Zoom became one of the most popular apps in the last year. The restrictions imposed in the wake of the pandemic meant that a large percentage of the world’s population remained at home and had to resort to video conversations to maintain contact with their co-workers.

However, there is a drawback associated with this practice: a group of researchers recommends that, the next time you participate in a meeting, you turn off the camera.

This simple act would reduce our environmental footprint, because, according to scientists at Purdue University in Indiana, Zoom and Netflix are among the biggest drivers of CO emissions.two.

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“Small actions such as turning off the video during a virtual meeting, reducing the quality of streaming, decreasing game time, limiting time on social media, deleting unnecessary emails and content on cloud storage services, or unsubscribing from email lists can significantly reduce the environmental footprints of using Internet, ”the authors write in their study.

¿Why is it so important?

It may not be easy to imagine how our online behavior could affect the environment, but the researchers explain that internet use has a carbon footprint that ranges from 28 to 63 grains of COtwo per gigabyte; a water footprint ranges from 0.1 to 35 liters per GB and a land footprint ranges from 0.7 to 20 square centimeters per GB.

Thus, a standard video conferencing service uses about 2.5 GB per hour and has a carbon footprint equivalent to 157 grams of COtwo every 60 minutes.

“If you had 15 one-hour meetings a week, your monthly carbon footprint would be 9.4 kilograms of CO2.twoe ”, the authors explain.

“However, simply turning off the video would reduce monthly emissions to 377 grams of COtwoand. This would save the emissions of charging a smartphone every night for more than three years [1151 días)]”.

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