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Video calling isn’t new, but it’s true that never before has there been such a need for the best possible quality. It is one of the consequences of the “new normal”: moving from work meetings to classes to the virtual environment. Now the gadgets necessary to have the best video calls are not few, although this does not mean that you should buy all those listed below.

For some it will be more urgent to have a quality internet connection, while for others, a microphone that helps them express their ideas in the best way.

Webcam or GoPro

Although a laptop has its own webcam, considering an external one that can be placed in different places on the desktop does give more flexibility and a better experience in video calls, as I have seen with the Logitech BRIO, which is compatible with up to the 4K resolution at 30 frames per second and HDR, plus it offers an adjustable field of view and streaming Full HD (1080p) at 60 frames per second. Of course the possibilities go further. Also, there is the alternative of converting a GoPro – from the Hero4 to the Hero9 – into a webcam, which also expands the interaction options with respect to the one that integrates the computer.

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Some special headphones for video calls will be a good investment, especially since they are designed to give you the best sound quality in virtual meetings, as well as being quite comfortable. A few months ago, I tried the Zone Wireless Plus, from Logitech, and it really amazes its active noise suppression – it reduces unwanted ambient noise – as well as its padded and breathable ear pads, and its autonomy: a single charge is enough for seven video calls of a couple of hours each. While it’s not a cheap pair, it does make a difference in the Zoom era, for example.

User holding the Logitech Zone Wireless Plus
Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish

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Desktop microphone

If you are the one they will be listening to for a long time and you want everything you say to be as clear as possible, then you should consider a desktop microphone, which will also give you a more professional style. There are models for all needs, such as gaming and those of those who need to record podcasts. This one from Blue has it all for clear, powerful sound, no matter which streaming platform you choose.

Microphone Blue

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Wifi extender

There is nothing more annoying than missing parts of a video call because of the internet. In my case, I was working in a room away from the main modem, so my connection reached less than 5 Mbps, which sometimes meant having meetings on “dead” lines. An extender Wifi It was my salvation, as it increased my speed to about 30 Mbps, which resulted in video calls without interruptions, as well as video playback with good quality and without obstacles, mainly. It is the Linksys RE7000, although the offer is very extensive in the market.

best WiFi extenders

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Horn or speaker

For those who find it tiring to wear headphones, especially when they have long meetings or meetings in the week, it is best to consider a speaker or speaker that is linked to the computer by wire or via Bluetooth. These teams give greater freedom in the event that it is necessary to take notes or notes on the presentation of the moderators. Also, the number of devices that can be found in this category is diverse. The MEGABOOM 3 is one of the most robust alternatives.

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Hub with multiple ports

The latest generation laptops have followed the trend of incorporating the fewest ports possible, which brings the problem of not being able to easily integrate from webcams to monitors as a second screen. A hub With multiple ports it is presented as a viable solution, and there are even those that integrate an entrance for the internet cable. East Anker links to the laptop via USB Type C and offers from one HDMI input to two USB 3.0 ports.

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Ring of light

Especially in rooms with little natural lighting, it is difficult for the light to shine directly on your face, which can be an obstacle to not attracting the attention of others. The light rings are presented as a solution that allows you to give “your best face”, since they have different shades of light and brightness, as well as wireless control. There are them in different price ranges and with support for cell phones and cameras.

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