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Even though the physical discs still exist, the Xbox One still stores all the game data on the hard drive; In most cases, the optical disc is only used to validate the ownership of the game you want to use. And while this is convenient for upgrades, it also makes transferring games and game saves from one console to another a somewhat slow process, because the days of memory cards are long gone.

Fortunately, there are several ways to transfer data from Xbox One to another, regardless of whether the consoles in question are the original Xbox One, the Xbox One S, or the Xbox One X; the process in all is the same. And in this article we will explain two methods: one in which a hard disk is used and another in which the transfer is made via the network. The first method is the most recommended, since all the configuration can also be transferred from one console to another, although this will require a portable external hard disk drive. On the other hand, the transfer via network is simpler, but you will have to configure the console manually.

How to transfer data from one Xbox One to another with an external hard drive

Step 1: Connect and format an external storage device

The Xbox One is basically a Windows PC, so it’s no surprise that it gets along very well with external memory. In this case, what will be needed is a hard disk of at least 256 GB available and with a USB 3.0 connection, which will need to be formatted before starting.

When connecting the external disk, a message will appear on the screen asking if you want to use it to store media files (videos and photos) or as a general storage device. Then, you must select Format and press button A on the control; When doing this, the console will ask us to give the unit a name and will also ask us if we want the installations and downloads to fall to this unit by default. Once the formatting process is finished, a notification will appear on the screen indicating that everything is ready.

Step 2: Backup the games

Once with the external hard drive formatted and ready, you have to press the central button of the control and in the pop-up menu, move to the option on the right (the circle with the avatar) and enter Settings, then System and finally, Storage. In this screen, select the internal storage of the console and press the A button, which will bring up a menu with several options, one of them called Move or Copy.

Entering this screen, a list of all the games and applications on the console will be displayed and you can select the content you want to move to a new unit. If Copy is pressed, the games will remain in both units (internal and external); if Move is pressed, they will be taken to the external drive and removed from internal storage. It is also important to mention that the larger -in size- the games to be moved, the longer the process will take.

Doing this will also copy or move your save game files to the new drive. Anyway, these are backed up in the cloud when connecting the console to the internet (and Xbox Live), regardless of whether they are Gold users or not.

Step 3: Backup the console configuration

After the games and applications have been moved, it is time to transfer the console data: user profiles, preferences and themes.

For this, you have to move to Settings, then select Backup and transfer, then Backup my settings and finally Backup to device.

Step 4: Configure the new console

Before turning on your new Xbox One, connect the external hard drive to a USB port. Once turned on, it should recognize the unit and a menu appears on the screen with which all data can be copied. In this menu, click on Apply settings and then follow the instructions.

Step 5: Install the games

From now on, it is possible to continue to use the storage permanently and have the games run from there. And if you want to copy the games to the internal storage of the console, you must repeat the first steps of the previous process, now from the external hard drive to the internal one.

Step 6 (optional): Delete everything from the old Xbox

In case you are selling your old console, it is a good idea to erase everything and return to the initial factory state. To do this, in the Configuration they must enter the System menu, then Console Information and finally Reset the console.

How to transfer data from one Xbox One to another via local network

It is also possible to connect two consoles (in this case, the new and the old Xbox One) to transfer data from one to the other, without the need for an external storage device.

Step 1: Configure the new console

This process does require both consoles to be up and running. Therefore, it will be necessary to configure the new console from scratch following the instructions that will appear on the screen and once it is ready, connect it to the local network.

Step 2: Enable Network Transfer

With the console ready, you have to enter the Configuration options. Here, in the system menu, you must enter Backup and transfer and then Network transfer; On this screen, you must check the Allow network transfer option. This process must be repeated in exactly the same way on both consoles.

Now that the two devices are ready and ready, the transfer process can begin. The method is similar to how it is done with the external hard drive: you have to choose which applications are to be moved (or copied) from one side to the other. And the recommendation is to do the network transfer using a wired configuration, since while it can be done over Wi-Fi, the data speed is too slow.

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