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The LEGO company has taken a new step with the launch of LEGO VIDIYO, an augmented reality system that allows children to create their own music videos with minifigures from the company.

For this new project, the firm has used music licensed from Universal Music Group. In fact, both companies have revealed the products that will be included in the first stage of VIDIYO.

Probably the most important thing is to understand that LEGO VIDIYO will not consist of the traditional buildable sets that have so characterized the toy company, but rather it will be BeatBoxes that must be purchased by users.


These products contain a minifigure representing a specific musical genre.

The BeatBoxes will also include BeatBits, which are small tokens that allow the creation of special effects, dance moves, props, and sound effects in music videos.

Each BeatBox will cost $ 19.99 and will include a scan scenario where users can put their minifigures and BeatBits before scanning.

LEGO has also announced that the first part of the release will include 30 songs from the Universal Music Group catalog. The idea is to cover a wide variety of musical styles, which can be complemented in a good way with the BeatBox.

The company has explained that these would be the following:

  • “Candy Pop” in the Candy Mermaid BeatBox (Pop)
  • “Pirate Punk” in the Punk Pirate Beatbox (Punk)
  • “Alien DJ” in the Extra Terrestrial Dance Music BeatBox (ETDM)
  • “Party Llama” in the Party Llama BeatBox (Tropicon)
  • “Unicorn DJ” in the Unicorn DJ BeatBox (K-pawp)
  • “Robot Break-dancer” in the HipHop Robot BeatBox (HipHop)

The LEGO VIDIYO release date should be March 1. The company has also published a video where it explains what this new bet will consist of.

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