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The last jedi is one of the movies of Star wars that generates the most disparate opinions among fans of the franchise.

Many were simply not convinced by the Rian Johnson-directed film. For this reason, it was surprising that Lucasfilm confirmed the director for a new trilogy of Star wars.

However, time has passed since that announcement and the absence of news made viewers think that the project had been canceled.

But this changed in the last hours: through journalist Sariah Wilson, Johnson has confirmed that the new trilogy still stands.

Through his Twitter account, Wilson advanced part of the conversation, where it is explained that the project continues and that no new details have emerged because the director is developing other works.


At the same time, Disney has “given a break” to the universe of Star wars in theaters, as a way for fans to take a break from the latest installment. This has also been conditioned by the measures adopted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the moment, it is unknown when the interview will be published in its entirety, but the information revealed by Wilson has already generated a lot of expectation.

Thus, everything indicates that it is only a matter of time before the fans of Star wars They can meet the next installment of the universe, one that may mean a new opportunity for Johnson to end up convincing viewers and fans of this science fiction franchise.

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