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Just at the moment when we consume more online video, a company specialized in artificial intelligence presents a tool that creates a virtual clone to which some lines are dictated so that, later algorithms, it appears on the phone of a universe of several billions of viewers. As the perfect product for the millionaire YouTube stars, who bill more the more they appear online. And all at the click of a button.

Hour One, an Israeli company dedicated to video transformation, claims to have such a tool. Clarifies that it is not a deep fake, the fake news of the video made with artificial intelligence. Rather, its technology uses artificial intelligence to create a virtual doppelganger created from a casting-like motion capture session. The result is a video starring a virtual actor who plays the role of its creator. It is like a dystopia or a dream come true depending on the glass you look at.

A youtuber has already tried it. Narrating her experience in a videoblog, technology specialist Taryn Southern notes that Hour One’s technology “is going to spark important future discussions about identity and trust, and will inevitably change the future of online production.”

Meanwhile, the company presents its services and anticipate that the train is about to leave. “In the next five or seven years, 90 percent of the content will be synthetic or generated by computers instead of cameras.” It does not cite sources, but the numbers justify it. We passed up six hours 48 minutes per day watching online videos and the pandemic only increased that number.

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