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The young activist Greta Thunberg is concerned about the excessive importance given to space exploration and the eventual arrival of human beings on Mars.

So at least he has expressed it through a satirical advertisement created by the Fridays for Future (FFF) campaign, precisely founded by Thunberg.

In the registry, the activist scoffs at the idea that only “one percent” escapes from a planet that is in a critical situation to settle on Mars.

“After more than 5 million years of human existence on Earth, it is time to change,” says a voiceover on the video.

“Mars, 56 million square kilometers of virgin land, breathtaking landscapes and incredible views … Mars, a pristine planet, a new world where we can start again … Mars offers maximum freedom.”

The campaign led by Thunberg has been concerned about the efforts, energy and resources that have been expended in reaching the Martian surface, in contrast to the measures taken on Earth to face serious environmental problems.

“We will never live on Mars”

“We wanted to highlight sheer nonsense,” an FFF spokesperson told Euronews.

“Government-funded space programs and the world’s ultra-rich one percent are centered on Mars (NASA’s Perseverance rover alone cost $ 2.7 billion to develop, launch, operate, and analyze), and yet most of humans will never have the opportunity to visit or live on Mars. “

Both Thunberg and the rest of the campaign’s activists have emphasized the need to first solve the severe problems on Earth, especially those linked to climate change, before considering a hypothetical escape to the neighboring planet.

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