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With 5G still as the technology that all telephony companies talk about, but which a large percentage of users are unaware, Apple is already preparing the development of 6G devices as part of a long-term plan with 2030 as a goal. For now, the first step is to hire engineers to research this technology.

This is reported Bloomberg, which cites a couple of ads posted by Apple to hire telecommunications engineers to report to offices in San Diego and Silicon Valley. “The people hired for these vacancies will research and design the next generation of telecommunication networks, 6G, and participate in academic and industry forums on the new technology,” Apple describes in one of the announcements.

Nowadays, practically all renowned cell phone manufacturers have 5G models. Apple is no exception, since it includes this technology in the cell phones of the iPhone 12 family. The 5G offers a faster connection speed, up to 10,000 Mbps, so, theoretically, the 6G should multiply that number by a factor. out of 100.

And despite the fact that the iPhone 12 is precisely the best-selling 5G cell phone in the United States, its popularity is due more to the marketing work that Apple does with each of its phones that due to the benefits perceived by users over 5G. Analysts predict that the great benefit of fifth-generation mobile networks will be to enable the interconnectivity of billions of Internet of Things devices.

It is well known that Apple rarely implements new technologies in its products. The company founded by Steve Jobs usually waits for the technology to mature to implement it and, in addition, it always promotes with user experiences. That Apple is not the first to implement new technologies does not mean that it is not among the first interested in them.

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