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SoundBeamer is the name of the device developed by a startup Israeli, which is capable of transmitting “invisible audio bags” to the ears of its users.

The company device Ninth It appears to be a standard speaker or sound bar, but it uses a 3D identification model to track the ears and send audio signals almost imperceptible to other people.

According to Noveto CEO Christophe Ramstein, it doesn’t matter if the user wears long hair, a beard, glasses or even a mask: SoundBeamer will recognize their face and stay “linked”.

Unlike normal speakers, which fill a room with sound, everything that SoundBeamer transmits is private and can only be heard by the owner, he explained to Gizmodo.

How “invisible headphones” work

How is it achieved? Through an acoustic attenuation system. This reduces sound by approximately 20 dB at a distance of three feet (90 centimeters).

Thus, if someone is in the same room, they can perceive that the user is listening to something, without knowing exactly what it is.

“We are using the non-linearity of air to transmit inaudible sounds and the ability to create audible sounds at a precise location in space,” Ramstein explained.

Diagram of SoundBeamer headphones operation.

He added that “we are creating two bags of sounds based on exactly where your head is. We create these bags of audible sounds and each one is independent, which means that our technology acts like invisible headphones. “

The first version of the device is intended to be used by a single person, but the executive believes that the second model could allow several users at the same time.

SoundBeamer is only available for pre-purchase through Kickstarter and is expected to hit the market in late 2021 for $ 595.

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