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Graphics card maker Nvidia will sell processors for mining cryptocurrencies, which it abbreviates as CMP. The first models will be available later this month, while two more will arrive before the end of June.

The announcement seeks to counteract the shortage of graphics cards for video game computers, used in the cryptocurrency industry through a process known as mining, which requires computers with cutting-edge hardware to solve complex algorithms that reward a cryptocurrency. This practice, as well as the complications to international trade due to the COVID-19 pandemic, caused in 2020 – and possibly in 2021– a significant shortage of graphics cards.

In addition to offering components designed exclusively for mining cryptocurrencies, it said it will reduce the hash rate of the Nvidia RTX 3060, which launches next February 25. By limiting the hash rate, A term that explains how quickly algorithms are solved to obtain a cryptocurrency – Nvidia seeks to make its new graphics card unattractive to miners of cybercurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.

CMPs are practically graphics cards specifically adapted to mine cryptocurrencies. Nvidia detailed that the components won’t even have a video-out connector. In total, four models will be sold, CMP 30HX, CMP 40HX, CMP 50HX and CMP 90HX, in which the numbering of each describes its hash rate.

Nvidia Cryptocurrency Mining Processor Specifications Table

Nvidia did not detail what the price of the CMPs will be, but it should be similar to that of its RTX graphics cards. Prices range from $ 1,499 for the high-end RTX 3090 to $ 329 for the low-end RTX 3060.

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