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Uptodown, the international software download portal, has delivered its first report on videogames for Android with which it seeks to show global trends in this area for cell phones.

Thus, as a main conclusion, the report indicates that gender battle royale It is the most demanded by mobile gamers around the world.

Also, and as expected, the most popular and downloaded titles are the free ones.

The interesting thing about the report is that it tells us which games have been the most downloaded by continent, at least during the last year.


For example, we have to Fortnite for Android it is the most downloaded game in Europe. However, the popular Epic Games title gives its place in Latin America to the onslaught of Free fire, other battle royale.

This title has become an interesting and popular alternative optimized for mobile devices and with few technical demands. Today, Free fire It is the fifth most downloaded game in the world.

On the other hand, PUBG Mobile It is the most popular juice among Asians and Africans. Of course, in Asia, and especially in India, they prefer the version more lite of the game, specially designed for mid-range devices.

In this country, the game has almost 30 million downloads.

The image shows a child while playing with his cell phone.

North Americans, meanwhile, have shown their preference for Gacha life, a “casual” role-playing game aimed more at a child audience.

Last year 2.6 million Americans downloaded it via Uptodown.

By last, Clash of Clans stands out as the most downloaded game in Oceania.

Thus, the most downloaded games by continent are as follows:

  • Europe: Fortnite (5.27m)
  • Asia: PUBG Mobile Lite (31.94m)
  • North America: Gacha life (2.81m)
  • South America: Free fire (13.14m)
  • Africa: PUBG Mobile (7.34m)
  • Oceania: Clash of Clans (0.02m)

Meanwhile, the classification by country is:

  • USA: Gacha life (2.67m)
  • Russia: Brawl stars (2.90m)
  • India: PUBG Mobile Lite (28.78m)
  • Indonesia: Sakura School Simulator (1.98m)
  • Turkey: Brawl stars (2.43m)
  • Germany: Fortnite (0.56m)
  • Egypt: PUBG Mobile (7.35m)
  • Angola: eFootball PES (0.02m)

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