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Apple works on an external battery that would be magnetically connected to the different models of the iPhone 12 through MagSafe technology, points to a report of Bloomberg.

The accessory would take several years in development and its premiere would have been delayed due to compatibility problems with the iPhone software, which according to Bloomberg detected as an overheat fault.

The publication adds that unlike the external batteries that Apple has sold for the iPhone, such as the Smart Battery Case of the iPhone X, the new accessory will not be able to be used as a case and it would not offer reversible charging, a feature that is available at the hardware level. on the iPhone 12, but which Apple keeps disabled with software.

The place MacRumors notes that Apple included a connectivity protocol with the accessory in the iOS 14.5 beta.

On the other hand, the report of Bloomberg notes that Apple has already removed the reference found in the developer software, a move that would seek to keep the accessory in secrecy, after in the past the company had to cancel the launch of accessories such as the AirPower, a base to recharge the battery of the iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods.

The accessory’s cancellation would have happened because Apple failed to make it meet the company’s safety standards, most likely due to overheating problems in the device’s batteries.

However, if the alleged external battery under development by Apple hits the market, it would strengthen the MagSafe accessories catalog for the iPhone 12, which currently offers several cases and wireless chargers.

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