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Today, the figure of the youtuber almost resembles –almost– to that of a television or movie star. And it is no wonder: some of these independent content creators are capable of reaching millions of people around the world and amassing a fortune that most of us mortals dream of.

Many skeptics will say that becoming a millionaire on the Internet – specifically on YouTube – is impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although it is true that today, due to the great competition it is more difficult to earn a lot by monetizing videos on the platform, obtaining exorbitant income is still a possibility.

Proof of this are the protagonists of our next ranking. In it, you will find out who are the five YouTube stars who earn the most money and you will be surprised to know that at the top of the podium there is someone whose age only has one figure.

In fifth position is the youTuber and influencer Mark Edward Fischbach, alias Markiplier. He opened his YouTube channel in 2012 and just by making video game gameplays, he got no less than 28.3 million subscribers. The content of its channel has been changing and evolving, although it has remained faithful to its audience, mainly made up of gamers.

2020 earnings: $ 19.5 million dollars.

This humorous duo – now in their forties – is made up of two of YouTube’s oldest stars. Their channel has more than 40 million subscribers who, in part, came from the acquisition of SMOSH, a YouTube channel for comedy skits, for which they paid $ 10 million. Additionally, the couple also receives membership income paid by their fans for accessing exclusive content from their talk show. Good Mythical Morning.

2020 earnings: $ 20 million

It is clear that humor triumphs on YouTube; the proof is that the third place in the ranking is starred by a group of friends from Texas, who earn a lot of money creating pretty crazy videos. In them they show their skills making all kinds of objects in the most unexpected places, but they are also recorded playing with laser swords or paintballs. Their success led them to tour throughout the United States during which they recorded the documentary Backstage Pass.

2020 earnings: $ 23 million dollars.

The silver medal of the wealthy youtubers goes to Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast. His stage name could not be better selected, as this boy’s videos focus on doing beastly things, from impossible stunts to incredible challenges such as freezing in ice, building the largest Lego tower in history or eating ice cream from gold valued at $ 100,000.

2020 earnings: $ 24 million

And in the number one position we have a little guy with a huge bank account. This is Ryan Kaji, a boy who, without having reached the age of ten, already has almost 30 million subscribers on his channel. The videos of this young man began as simple reviews of toys, but nowadays he is also filming himself performing home science experiments or telling anecdotes with the rest of his relatives.

2020 earnings: $ 29.5 million

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