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The recent wave of intense cold that several cities in the United States are going through has left many homes without basic services, such as electricity and water. One of the states that has been most affected has been Texas.

It is in this state where the blackouts have caused much havoc and this is where the Ford F-150 came to significantly help several users. That, by running out of electricity in their home, they made good use of the possibilities of their new vehicle.

It was for several days that some electrical appliances such as the coffee maker, toaster and even the refrigerator were connected, all thanks to the F-150 generator.

The new generation of one of the best-selling pick ups in the United States includes this new generator, the name is Pro Power Onboard, an alternating current system that gives you the possibility of using your truck as a power source, provides up to 7.2 kW of energy.

Ford F-150 Pro Power Onboard Plugs

The system comes in three different power levels, it depends on the engine that your F-series has.

There are from 2.0 kW for the gasoline versions with the 2.7-liter engine to the larger capacity one with a 7.2 kW and 120 or 240 volt 30 amp outputs mounted on the F-150 PowerBoost. The system can work for 32 hours with one tank of fuel.

What can you connect with the system Pro Power Onboard? Ford advertises that it is possible to have up to a TiG-type welder, a saw cutter or a 1.5 hp air compressor. If you are able to work with a welding machine, the coffee maker in your home will surely have your drink on time and at temperature. Interesting point, everything can be controlled from your cell phone with the FordPass application.

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