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Travel in the ShinkansenAs the famous Japanese bullet train is known worldwide, it is surely one of the dream experiences for lovers of speed and adrenaline.

And the fact is that the trains that are part of Japan’s high-speed rail network – from which they inherited their popular name – are capable of reaching up to 320 kilometers per hour.

However, traveling aboard one of them under extreme weather conditions could be an even more mind-blowing experience.

So at least it can be seen in the video published by It’s railway!, a YouTube channel that has compiled recent records of the bullet train circulating at the Kurikoma-Kogen station and that has gone viral in recent days.

The station is located to the north, in the city of Kurihara, Miyagi prefecture, where daily temperatures from December to March average between -3 and 0.2 degrees Celsius.

The five-minute video (via Gizmodo) shows how trains speed past Kurihara station, kicking snow onto the platform.

“There is no siding [para los pasajeros] and even when it snows it ruthlessly passes in front of you at 320 km / h. Also, as there is no roof on the entire track, once the Shinkansen, your whole body will be covered with snow, so be careful, “says the review.

According to It’s railway!, The images were recorded between December 2020 and February 2021, and consider different trains that have arrived at the station, with emphasis on the Shinkansensuch as the E5, H5 Hayabusa and E6 Komachi series.

Also included are the E3-2000, East i and ALFA-X series record, an experimental model of ten wagons that could reach 360 kilometers per hour.

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