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Through a historical broadcast (and for the first time in Spanish), we all could appreciate the arrival of the Perseverance rover to the surface of Mars.

Once there, the rover began sending images of the red planet, thanks to which we were able to see what Earth’s neighbor looks like, although this is not the only way to follow the details of the mission.

An original augmented reality application allows users to follow the NASA rover, as it transports the person through the different stages of the mission in an interactive way.

This includes launching, landing, and exploring the Martian surface.

The Mission to Mars app has been created by Polish developer Immersion for the science and culture channel Smithsonian Channel, and uses data and images from NASA.

“Work on the concept began in September, which gave us very little time considering the challenge we agreed to undertake,” said Bartosz Roslonski, a member of the Immersion Board of Directors.

The app, which you can download for free at Google play Y AppStore, also presents a vision of a future human colonization on the Red Planet.

Lastly, for fun, users can “pop” the Perseverance rover wherever they want, to see, for example, what the space vehicle parked outside their home would look like.

Without a doubt, an educational and entertaining way to follow the historical adventure of Perseverance on the surface of Mars.

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