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The different IPTV services offer a large number of television channels, series and movies for a small monthly fee.

This type of service has gained followers in recent years, the problem is that the legality behind all this has never been very clear.

However, Spain’s police dealt a severe blow to those offering this questionable service by ending a network dedicated to providing such content.

Agents of the National Police arrested five people in La Coruña, Barcelona and Madrid for engaging in the illegal sale of pay television over the internet.

National Police of Spain.

According to an official statement, it is estimated that those arrested could have added earnings close to a million euros each year.

Agents also reported that the network consisted of a content provider, a group of resellers and end customers, who contacted the resellers through websites and social media.

“Due to the ease offered by the IPTV system to broadcast the television signal regardless of the physical location of the people, it was detected that the content provider resided in the town of Mataró (Barcelona), while the other four involved were neighbors of Narón (La Coruña) and Madrid, ”the statement said.

One of the detainees is believed to have offered two different television services, one of them with a greater number of channels.

It is estimated that about 20 thousand people could have accessed the signal of the main person involved.

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