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The functions that technology allows us to perform in our digital photographs are almost unlimited. We can edit them as we want, apply filters and eliminate those that we do not like at all.

However, there was a time when technology was not so generous. Back then, people had to wait several days to know the result of the photographs they had taken. Until Polaroid appeared.

On February 21, 1947, the American scientist and inventor Edwin Herbert Land, presented for the first time his instant camera, the Polaroid Land Camera.

Land’s invention was capable of developing and printing the image in just sixty seconds, causing a sensation among members of the American Optical Society.

Edwin Land. Getty Images.

At that time, the inventor introduced the Land Camera Model 95 (or Polaroid 95), which was the first camera with this innovative instant photography system.

From there, several striking models appeared that incorporated the different advances of the time.

The Polaroid SX-70 appeared in 1972 and was a real success. From this model emerged one of the most recognized, the SX-70 Model 1000, from 1977, which became one of the most recognizable by incorporating an attractive white design with a colored stripe.

Getty Images.

This camera was also one of the first to incorporate flash.

Other iconic:

The 1978 Polaroid Autofocus 660 first introduced the novel autofocus function, while the Supercolor 635 CL that appeared in 1985 incorporated an electronic system that automatically adjusted the intensity of the flash.

Although in 2008 Polaroid announced the end of the manufacture of film for its cameras, the company has managed to reinvent itself and adapt to the times, incorporating new technological advances, particularly those related to digital photography.

Thus, in 2016, Polaroid Corporation launched an application for iPhone that allows creating short videos based on photos that can be personalized and that are displayed in the classic Polaroid format.

In this way, the revolution started by Edwin Herbert Land in 1947 has managed to seduce a modern public, nostalgic for this technology that in the middle of the century marked a true milestone in the field of photography.

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