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In this Motortech review, one of the first features that catches the eye of the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is its impressive cabin, extremely large, with a space that radiates comfort and with a very American stamp: the interior storage in different lobbies.

It is evident that the user who buys this truck does not do it only for a matter of comfort, but rather to work. It has an approximate load of 7,442 liters and also has a maximum trailer of 36,000 pounds that, added to its good traction, allows transporting other vehicles or motor homes.

It has a large 6.6-liter 50 horsepower Duramax turbo diesel V8 engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission, which can also be used in manual mode and with a trailer braking system.

Is a pickup four by four, with high and low traction, plus rear traction.

The interior is upholstered with leather, in addition to having a lot of plastic in some areas of the panel. The seats are not only electrically regulated, they are heated and ventilated.

Another very notable point is that the rear seats can be raised to place additional load underneath, not to mention that in their back they have another compartment to store smaller objects.

This Silverado It has a large and comfortable steering wheel, a dashboard with many analog clocks, and a small digital display in the center that provides more detailed information on the vehicle’s performance. It also has an eight-inch touch infotainment screen.

As it is a very long, wide and tall vehicle, it has black bar running boards to enter the pickup. On the outside you will also be able to see the rear cover of the main box –of smooth opening, by the way– and very complete connectors to fix the load.

Its tires denote an annoying noise when riding on the asphalt, which indicates that its favorite surface is the dirt, in addition, it has great Rancho damping.

Another feature that can be complex for some users is that the exterior rear view mirrors are very large but very necessary if we have a trailer or something behind hooked up, it even has arms that move further out, to achieve a greater angle of vision.

The MSRP for this model in the United States is $ 71,100.

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