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The C41 is the new Alfa Romero model, which comes hand in hand with Orlen, a company dedicated to fuels and energy. The C41 replaces the 2020 season car, the C39.

Although the decoration is new, the red and white tones characteristic of Alfa Romeo are preserved and, being a sports car of the Italian brand, you can see a four-leaf clover, symbol of the sporting essence of this team.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the C41 retains components of the previous model, but it is on the front where they have focused to make variations (here they used their development chips). There were also some changes to the car floor and diffuser areas.

As in previous years, the Prancing Horse firm is in charge of moving the C41, since the engine is Ferrari. With this alliance, better results will be sought, all with a view to moving up in places with respect to the position achieved last season.

The power unit is a 1,600 cc 90 degree V-six cylinder capable of turning at 15,000 revolutions per minute; there is a single turbocharger and the electric motor is 120 kW. The transmission is eight-speed and reverse. The total allowable weight is only 746 kg, already with the driver inside the car.

“We launched the car today [21 de febrero]We will test it in less than a month; the new season comes very fast. We have to see how it progresses, what the car is like and do the best we can in the tests. Obviously, there are some changes to the rules, the engine and other elements are new, so we have to find out how the whole works and from there, ”said Kimi Räikkönen, driver of the car for this season.

Orlen Team Alfa Romeo C41

Antonio Giovinazzi will be the second pilot of the C41 and as reserve, Robert Kubica. Both have participated in the tuning of the car and will be the lucky ones to get their hands behind the wheel of the car when the season begins.

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