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It is no accident that the Vikings are recognized as one of the toughest and most resilient peoples of all time. And that’s why it makes sense that even in a game like Valheim –set in the world of the Vikings – the first hours are difficult, especially when it comes to survival.

Valheim is a game whose popularity skyrocketed during its first weeks on the market with 3 million copies sold on Steam alone. And it’s clear why: Survival game fans are taking advantage of everything the game has to offer, from having to meet the basic needs of a Viking in a land forgotten by the gods, to taking on different creatures that They swarm the place and they are not overly friendly.

Here is a small guide to Valheim that will help you know what to do and how to stay alive during the start of the game.

Valheim: priorities

Get a hammer and an ax

Like other survival games, each new game in Valheim generates a new world and different from any other. And that means that some things will be easier to obtain, while others will be more difficult. Still, some basic items like wood or rocks are always going to be on hand when the character first wakes up, so the best option is to collect both materials to create a hammer and an ax. The hammer is necessary to build the first shelter; the ax is used to collect wood much faster.

The hammer requires three sticks of wood and two stones, while to create an ax you need five sticks and four stones.

Build a workbench and base

With the hammer ready, you can now create an artboard. This is not only used to make new objects, but also to start creating a base. The base construction area will always be next to the workbench and shows up as a large ring on the ground, so the important thing is to settle in a place where there are enough resources. To build the work table, only 10 wooden poles are needed.

Once the location is chosen and the table installed, a base can be built. Although the workbench can be kept outdoors, this is not recommended, since a good base increases, by default, the life expectancy of the character. That said, with the hammer and always within the radius demarcated by the work table, the foundations, walls and everything necessary to have a respectable base can be built.

Building the base is easy, as the parts are arranged automatically. At this point in the game, it is up to you how many resources you want to invest in it, but the recommendation is to have at least a closed structure. Technically, you just have to cover the workbench with a roof and a few walls, but as you’ll see later in this guide, it’s not a bad idea to build something sturdy right away.

There are two issues to take into account when building the base: the first is to create a door, because obviously we want to be able to enter and leave the place. And the second, and a little less obvious, is the fact of leaving a small space in the ceiling that works as a smoke escape, since if the smoke remains trapped inside the base it can kill your character. Yes, this game is that brutal.

Alternatively, a fire can be built outside the base. The heat still passes through the walls and will serve to maintain a good temperature, but the disadvantage is that if it rains, goodbye to the campfire.

The finishing touch for the base is the bed. As in other games of the style, the bed is a point of appearance of the character and also a way to advance time. At the time of installing the first bed, it is possible that night has already fallen, so what has to be done the next morning.

Go hunting

After you have finished with the tools and the basic shelter, what you have to do is solve the problem of hunger. At this point, the character will already want to eat and will probably remember that while collecting the first rocks and wood they came across some berries, mushrooms or perhaps even animals. These are the main sources of food in the game, but you should know that the character will not eat the same type of food twice in a row, even if he is on the verge of starvation. The good news is that each type of berry counts as a different food, so for now you will not have to worry much about the diet and having mushrooms and berries is enough.

But if we talk about more robust food, then we necessarily talk about preparing to go hunting. For this purpose, the first thing is to build a small kitchen in which to prepare the meat that is obtained. Roast meat allows you not only to reduce hunger, but also to regain health more quickly. So the first targets will be wild boars, deer and some animals called Necks, which look like frogs; wild boars are the most dangerous at the beginning as when they feel attacked they attack back, while deer start at the first sign of trouble.

A good idea to go hunting is to build a bow (ten wooden sticks and eight pieces of leather) and arrows (eight wooden sticks each) on the workbench. With a bit of good fortune they will have already found silver, with which they can build a spear that is a good secondary weapon, especially against wild boars. A spear costs five pieces of wood, one of silver, and two feathers; eventually weapons will have to be upgraded to more powerful versions, but to start with the most basic hunting, these will do the trick.

Collect materials

The materials, and especially the wood when starting the game, will be essential for everything: from basic tools, to weapons and the expansion of the base itself. So you’ll want to have wood to spare and in addition to the ax, a chest. With chests you can store a greater amount of resources, something very useful when the character reaches his limit of elements that he can carry, since the recovery of resistance and mobility are reduced. With a couple of chests at the base it will be enough to store wood, rocks and any other item that you do not want to have on top while you go exploring.

It’s worth taking a couple of days in-game to collect the most basic materials and keep the chests full. In Valheim, nothing is worse than having to stop what is being done just because some resource is missing.

Learn to explore

Once you’re settled in with a good foundation, bed, and some weapons, it’s time to get out there and explore and see what the world of Valheim. At this point you already have a map and a crow named Hugin has already appeared, indicating the place where the first chief named Eikthyr is located. But it’s not a good idea to go and face that boss just yet, because there are still a few things to learn about exploring the game.

The map is very useful if used in the right way. This shows the places where you have already passed and you can also use custom markers for points of interest, with the icons that are on the edge of the screen.

Unless you feel very confident (or are very reckless or reckless), the scan should take place during the day. First, because the visibility will be much higher; second, because more monsters appear during the night. As one more enters the forest, more enemies (and more dangerous) will appear, so the difficulty will be greater. At the beginning of the game it is best to move around nearby places and avoid cold areas, in particular the Black Forest, which is riddled with high-level enemies that can eliminate the character in two hits. Plus, cold regions can be just as deadly if you don’t have the necessary equipment.

The last warning is to stay away from dungeons and caves for now. These places will be important later on, but as long as you don’t have the necessary equipment on hand, it is best to mark them on the map and forget about it.

Establish outposts

The world of Valheim it is giant. So huge that having a single base is not very convenient in the long run. The travels and adventures that take place will make getting to and from base in a single day a little impossible, and will require multiple structures across the map. Therefore, it will be time to lay down some new bases, which may not need to be as complete as the main base and just a bed, a work table, a fire pit and a chest will suffice.

As with the initial base, these outposts can be built from scratch, but it is also possible to repair or rebuild some of the abandoned structures found throughout the game world. This saves time and resources, since many times it will be necessary to just add the work table and little else. Then a marker is put on it to remember its location on the map and voila.

As a side note, later on you can create portals in these bases that will allow you to instantly teleport between each one of them.

Confront the first boss

It was time to stand in front of Eikthyr. You probably already know its location on the Mystic Altar, but it will be necessary to have two deer trophies to summon it. If you’ve hunted long enough, maybe you already have them, so with a good amount of food and a weapon, you can travel to the place where it is located, use the deer trophies, and make it appear.

Of course, this first boss is not that difficult. You just have to pay attention to his lightning attack and the one that deals damage in a specific range. It is important to stay out of reach of ornaments while lowering the health bar; in case of losing, everything that the character has on him will be thrown in the place and a marker will appear on the map. Of course, the objects lost when dying can be collected and also a temporary improvement called corpse run that allows you to run faster and use less resistance bar to recover objects without complications.

Defeating the boss unlocks a new weapon called Antler Pickaxe, with which you can mine metals to create better tools, armor and weapons.

Final advice

Finally, a small list of tips that do not fall into any special category but are worth taking into account.

It is always good to keep the character rested, warm and dry. On the contrary, being very tired or cold will make the character weaker and that is the last thing you want to happen in Valheim. Therefore, you must always keep in mind to rest at the base and have the fire always lit.

In combat, it is always important to dodge while rolling. Yes, this move wears down the stamina bar, but it is the most effective way to avoid enemy attacks and consequently damage.

Skills level up the more they are used. There is no other type of mechanic to improve the character’s abilities, so if you want to increase a specific one, the only way is to use it more frequently. But at the same time, when you die you will lose part of that experience.

When collecting wood, watch out for falling trees. Those giant logs that reach the ground are not only a visual ornament: if by chance one falls on you, the character is most likely to die.

It’s a good idea to buy the item called Magingjord. At the moment there is no way to enlarge the inventory in Valheim, but with this you can increase the base storage capacity from 300 to 450. If you meet the Haldor vendor and have the 950 gold needed for the Magingjord, it is worth the investment.

And finally, it’s always an interesting idea to use codes to cheat, especially when playing solo. In the command menu, typing “imacheater” (without the quotes) accesses a handful of options, such as activating God mode, spawning monsters, events, instantly raising abilities, and more. None of this can be done while playing Valheim on a multiplayer server, but they are an interesting way to have fun without worrying about the overall difficulty of the game.

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