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The historic landing of the Perseverance rover to Mars has marked one of the most momentous milestones in space exploration: it is the first NASA mission whose main task will be to search for evidence of life on the planet. And it will do so in the Jezero crater, a hitherto unexplored place.

NASA revealed on February 22 the first video, the first audios and thousands of photographs of the descent of Perseverance on the Martian surface, including the deployment of the parachute, an element in which the scientists of the space agency hid a message, according to users deciphered of social networks.

The revelation (via Genbeta) occurred in a discussion on the forum Reddit AMA (ask me anything), where NASA professionals answered a series of user questions about the Perseverance mission.

One of the inquiries was whether the parachute contained a hidden message. However, Adam Nelessen, an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), limited himself to pointing out that they were not the acronym for this NASA unit.

What the Perseverance parachute said

Over the hours, users managed to decipher the hidden message: “Dare Mighty Things” (Dare to powerful things, in Spanish).

According to computer science student Abela Paf, he managed to decipher the message thanks to his knowledge of the Python programming language and the help of his father.

@NASAPersevere @POT My father and I found these three words hidden in the patterns of the lander & # 39; s parachute!

& mdash; Abela_Paf (@FrenchTech_paf) February 22, 2021

Another user, Adithya Bajali, also got the same results. To justify his finding, he explained that the expression is used by professionals at NASA. In fact, he shared images where it is seen written in an agency office and recalled a NASA publication on February 19, where it was also used.

looks like & quot; dare mighty things & quot; is the parachute code from the @NASAJPL perseverance rover

the phrase is on signs all around JPL (eg the EDL War Room)

redditor, / u / rdtwt1, put together a python script for the solve

I added some comments and a diagram to explain what the code

& mdash; adithya (@adithya_balaji) February 23, 2021

Although NASA has not confirmed whether it is the hidden message, Allen Chen, another JPL engineer, had anticipated Bajali, before he obtained the result, that he was close to deciphering it.

This is how Mars sounds

In addition, NASA revealed the first record of sounds from Mars, thanks to a microphone connected to the rover.

Although the device did not collect usable data during the descent, it survived the descent highly and obtained sounds from Jezero crater on February 20.

In the second recording, a Martian breeze is heard for a few seconds, as are the mechanical sounds of the rover operating on the surface.

“For those wondering how to land on Mars, or why it is so difficult, or how cool it would be to do so, they don’t need to look any further,” said Acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk.

Also released on Monday was the first mission overview of the rover’s landing location, taken by the two navigation cameras located on its mast.

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