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The new arms race has among its warlike protagonists laser weapons. For years the armies of various countries have presumed artifacts that, as if they were instruments of Star wars or Terminator, they emit destructive rays that, although they still lack the spectacular nature of science fiction classics, have a high destructive power.

In this race for destruction, the United States Army claims to have developed the first laser machine gun that it dubbed the Ultra-Short Pulse Tactical Laser for Military Platforms.

The instrument, as taken from a mercenary of Star wars, fires between 20 and 50 very short pulses that vaporize the target. “It is millions of times more powerful than any other laser weapon”, highlights the portal NewScientist on the war development.

The destructive potential is related to the way the weapon works. Today, laser weaponry fires a continuous beam that pierces a target. The machine gun, the source points out, melts the metal and accelerates electrons in the material to create an electromagnetic field that causes any nearby electronic items to fail. “Although it sounds like science fiction, it is possible with current technology”, said to the portal Futurism engineer Derryck Reid from Heriot-Watt University in the UK.

Laser weapons are used in operations against ground or air vehicles, such as drones.

The US Navy developed the first laser weapons in 2014. Today, the armies of the United Kingdom, Russia, China, India, Iran, and Turkey also possess such weapons.

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