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Researchers from Yale University and Japan stated that intravenous injection of bone marrow-derived stem cells (MSC) in patients with spinal cord injury is associated with a “significant improvement” in motor functions.

The results of the study were published on February 18 in the Journal of Clinical Neurology and Neurosugery.

According to the scientists, substantial improvements in key functions, such as the ability to walk or use the hands, were seen in more than half of the patients within weeks of the stem cell injection.

At the same time, they ruled out side effects.

How did they get it?

In many cases, the patients had sustained blunt spinal cord injuries from falls or minor trauma, several weeks prior to stem cell inoculation.

Symptoms included loss of motor function and coordination, sensory loss, and bowel and bladder dysfunction.

These stem cells were prepared from the bone marrow of the patients themselves through a culture protocol that lasted a couple of weeks in a specialized center.

Cells were injected intravenously and each patient acted as their own control.

The researchers say that additional studies are needed to confirm their results. Either way, they are satisfied with their finding.

“The idea that we can restore function after brain and spinal cord injury using the patient’s own stem cells has intrigued us for years. Now we have a hint, in humans, that it may be possible, “said Stephen G. Waxman, one of the study’s authors.

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