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The Augmented Reality Video Game Developer Niantic reported that blocked at least a million users from the games Pokemon go, Ingress Y Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for cheating in 2020. These types of locks are known in video game jargon as bans.

Part of that figure is the 5 million players who received penalties from the developer for using some type of cheating, including practices such as the use of unauthorized software in their games, the sale of accounts or the use of multiple profiles on the same device. These behaviors occur more in video games like Pokemon go than in other Niantic titles.

The company did not detail how it detects this type of practice “partly because we do not want to give these users information that helps them understand how we detect them”, however, it said that 90 percent of those who have been warned by cheating gave up their behaviour. “This motivates us to keep looking for a proper balance on how to punish occasional and chronic cheats.”

Niantic also specified that it constantly adjusts and improves its methods of detecting fraudulent behavior, although it recognized the importance of reports sent by the same users. “We constantly update and improve our detection methods with player reports and other means of feedback to ensure that we detect cheating players and minimize false positives.”

That the study treats reports of cheating players in a timely manner is not only in the interest of maintaining a community that respects the rules, but also to ensure that purchases within their games are the only means to advance more quickly. In 2020, Pokemon go, Niantic’s most successful game, reported revenue of $ 1 billion.

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