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Unlike when we had a landline – and we could recite the phone number as fast as the home address – with cell phones it is different. And, like most people, you don’t call your own device too often (let’s say…), and when they sometimes ask us for the number, we can’t always remember it instantly.

Do not worry or be ashamed, it is something that happens to all of us. Here we explain how to find your phone number on your cell phone, be it Android or iOS.

Find your phone number on iOS

Finding your phone number on iOS is easy and straightforward to explain because most iOS users run the same version. There are two ways to easily locate the phone number: through the Contacts app or through the device settings. We show you the steps in iOS 14.

  • Contacts: open the application Phone, click on Contacts and your number will be the first in the list.
  • Setting: go to Setting> Phone Y My number will be the first field in the list. Of course, you can change or edit this information if you wish by clicking on the number.

Find your phone number on an Android device

The steps to take to find your own phone number on an Android device vary slightly from those you have to take on an iPhone; This is because Android users may be running different versions of the operating system and variations in the way the operating system is implemented across all brands of devices. Therefore, there will likely be different interfaces depending on the device you are using and the version of the operating system you are running.

The example below is on an LG V40 ThinQ running Android 10, but the process is the same on Android 11.

  • Go to Settings and search My phone number in the search bar.
  • The result will give you the way to go: System> About Phone> Status.
  • Alternatively, launch the Contacts app and you’ll see your own contact information at the top.

The images below show an older Galaxy 6 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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