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Twitter has begun adding tags to those tweets whose information contained may have been stolen through criminal acts such as piracy.

As reported Mashable, a tag recently appeared in a tweet from the independent news outlet, The Grayzone, with a disclaimer stating “these materials may have been obtained through piracy.”

Leaked files show Reuters & # 39; & amp; the BBC’s role in covert British Foreign Office programs to effect “attitudinal change” & amp; “Weaken the Russian state’s influence & quot;

They were joined by intel contractors and outlets like Bellingcat.@MaxBlumenthal investigates

& mdash; The Grayzone (@TheGrayzoneNews) February 20, 2021

By clicking on the legend of the Twitter label, it redirects us to its support and help center site, specifically to the section in which it describes the measures that the platform takes before the distribution of pirated material. It is important to note that these warning labels are added to those tweets that share links to news stories based on pirated materials, not to tweets that share stolen materials themselves.

The source medium was able to contact Max Blumenthal, the editor of The Grayzone who created the article marked by the social network with its warning label. The journalist showed his dissatisfaction in his statements, noting that “by adding such a tag in my article, Twitter has not contributed anything to the public’s understanding of the news or misinformation.” Blumenthal clarifies that his article refers to a unit of the British army that uses social networks to fight wars.

What kind of content does this Twitter policy include?

According to the platform, any act of intrusion into a computer, a network or an electronic device without authorization or that exceeds its authorized access is considered piracy. In this way, the material that comes from a person with privileged information but who does not have authorization to share it or who has accessed any electronic device in an intrusive way will be designated by Twitter as an act of piracy.

Twitter will also consider piracy the disclosure, in environments outside approved systems or networks, of materials that are legitimately accessed and when there is evidence that they were obtained through malware or social engineering.

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